11 Ideas to Welcome Autumn with Style
August 31, 2023

11 Ideas to Welcome Autumn with Style

Fall is a wonderful time to decorate for the changing seasons. We love the vivid colors, the warm cocoa, and the family gatherings. We love the horns of plenty and the foliage flower arrangements. But most of all, we love to snuggle up in a few knit throw blankets with a favorite book, show, or a long evening conversation.

Decorating for fall is about making your home feel cozy and welcoming. Whether you are decking out your entire home or one cozy corner, we have some fantastic ideas to help you create a cozy fall space with your décor.

Let's explore some of our favorite fall decoration ideas.

Use a Warm Autumn Color Palette

  • Orange
  • Brown
  • Gold
  • Red
  • Cream

All autumn décor starts with a natural color palette. We get the color scheme from mother nature herself. Embrace your own fall color palette with vivid oranges, dark browns, bold golds, vibrant reds, and soft creams. You can repeat this palette in your furniture and throws, your artwork and sculpture, in your flower arrangements and wreaths; these colors look amazing together no matter how you arrange them and will beautifully unify your entire fall décor design.

Cover Seating in Throw Blankets and Pillows

The best way to make your autumn space cozy is to add blankets and pillows. The right throw blanket can transform your couch from an all-season piece of furniture into a invitingly comfortable place to snuggle up. Add a few vividly beautiful (but cozily soft) throw pillows to the mix and you'll have autumn afternoon naps in no time.

Decking out your seating with throw pillows and knit blankets is also a great way to get friends and family to curl up for conversation - without cranking up the heater - as everyone casually wraps into their favorite throw.

Rearrange the Living Room Around Your Fireplace

If you have a fireplace or an electric fireplace, rearrange your seating around it. The fireplace not only gives off heat, it provides a soothing visual display. Families gather around fires in the fall, it's something we have always done and love to do. If you have a real fireplace, pick up a few cords of wood to keep a cheery fire burning on cold evenings when everyone wants to gather and talk.

Make the Floor Welcoming with a Cozy Shag Rug

When family comes to visit, it's OK if you don't quite have enough chairs. With a cozy shag rug, the more flexible members of your family won't mind sprawling on the floor to complete the conversation circle or get a better seat near the fire. A shag rug offers extra softness and warmth against the cold floor, and can make even a tiled space feel cozy when the autumn weather blows in.

Equip Your Kitchen with Autumn Ceramics

Fall décor isn't just about  adding details. You can also replace a few useful items to suit your seasonal decoration style better. For example, decorate your beautiful farmhouse sink area with autumn-themed soap dispensers, sponge holders, and towel hooks can make the whole space feel more cozy. Consider bringing out fall-colored ceramic canisters for things like brown sugar and flour for autumn baking, or setting the table with earthenware plates and mugs that give your lovely place settings a natural autumn style.

Fill Your Corners with Glowing Gourds

There's no denying that pumpkins and other gourds are at the heart of autumn décor. Just make sure they are dried. A big pile of beautiful multi-colored gourds is a fun way to make any table or corner feel like it just sprang out of an autumn catalog display. You can paint some of your gourds gold for a little glam or get started early on your pumpkin collection by painting faces on smaller pumpkins to decorate your home throughout the season.

Set Out a Hot Cocoa Station or Drink Cart

There is nothing so cozy in the autumn as a steamy cup of hot chocolate or spiced apple cider. Create an inviting drink station on a small desk, side table, or countertop square using a small electric kettle and your favorite hot drink fixings. Lay out the decorative mugs, the cinnamon sticks, and the creamer. Include a small basket of your favorite flavors of tea and you'll have a delightful warm drink stop that will warm the heart and taste buds of all who visit or enjoy your home.

Turn Your Window into a Day Bed

There is something about lounging near the window in autumn that is uniquely enchanting. Watching the leaves turn and the cold weather blow in, is especially cozy inside a warm home wrapped in a knit blanket. If you don't have a deep window bench for lounging, make one with a raised day bed near your largest living room window. This cushioned lounging spot is the perfect place to pile with festive throw pillows and a blanket or two, then add a few stacks of decorative old books that also happen to be excellent selections of classic fiction for the perfect way to spend a stormy afternoon.

Fill Glass Canisters with Cookies and Candy

Want to make your home truly snug and inviting in the fall? Get to baking. Fill cork-sealed glass jars with fresh-baked cookies and other treats. Get started early on your autumn candy collection by putting chocolates, caramels, or decorative hard candies on display. Fill a jar with candy corn and another with butterscotch candies. Fill one jar with gingersnaps, another with sugar cookies, and a third with chocolate chip cookies.

Your guests won't even know where to start, except to ask for some milk.

Hang Soft String Lights or Warm Lanterns

Light your comfortable fall space with a unique lighting design. Hang a soft string of lights above your cozy autumn space and dim the color to a warm amber. Or use amber glass or oiled glass lanterns for a classic look. You can use smart bulbs to create a soft, diffuse flicker of warm light or even keep a few glass lanterns just for lighting candles.

The soft glow of your light strings or lanterns will replace the harsh overhead light of your central fixture to create a dreamy fall evening.

Fill Vases with Dried Autumn Foliage

For many, fall is the best time of year for flower arrangements because dried flowers, wheat stalks, and colorful dried foliage are all the rage. No need to worry about keeping cut flowers fresh. Choose dried flowers and leaves in vivid autumn colors instead. You can even pick these up yourself on a pleasant walk around your neighborhood. Or, if you're feeling highly practical about dropped leaves and petals, invest in a beautiful arrangement of silk flowers and leaves that can be used again each year.

Welcome Autumn with Style

Making your home warm and welcoming is one of the best parts of the fall season. Creating cozy spaces where everyone can curl up to enjoy a good conversation and a warm mug of cocoa is easier than you think. All you need is the natural colors of autumn. If you have plans to enhance your home's natural charm and make your kitchen an even more welcoming place for seasonal cooking projects, contact us today to add a farmhouse sink into your kitchen.