Pure Copper


Fossil Blu Copper Sinks begin as raw copper ore burried in the ground. While mining techniques have evolved, the pursuit of the purest ore has not. We source our raw copper from mines located in both North and South America to ensure we are always using the best copper available for our copper kitchen sinks.

Once the copper ore has been extracted, it is crushed and ground to liberate the valuable raw copper from the less desirable minerals. From there, the copper is concentrated using a mineral flotation process and smelted to further remove unwanted minerals. The final step involves electrorefining to create the copper we need for our luxury sinks.

At this point the copper is ready to be formed and fabricated into a sink. Once each sink template has been cut, our artisans hand weld the edges and corners of the sink using a welding process called T.I.G. welding. This time-honored welding process ensures strength, rigidity and a tight seal at the seams.

The final step in the production process is the most time consuming. Each sink is hand-finished using a ball peen hammer which creates the gorgeous hammered look. This finishing technique is not only for aesthetics, it also creates a durable surface more resistant to wear and that will stand the test of time.