Pure Fireclay


The story of Fossil Blu fireclay sinks begins with the clay quarry. Extraction techniques in clay quarries has changed very little over the last centrury, so when it comes to mineral purity, what matters most is choosing the right locations to dig. Our product development team scoured the earth to find the best locations for raw white clay material, knowing that only the purest fireclay would be suitable for our pure fireclay farmhouse kitchen sink line. After an exhaustive search, we source our fireclay base material from quarries in Italy, France, and Israel.

Mined clay arrives at our manufacturing facilites as large pellets. By choosing only the finest white clay, no screening or other processing is necessary; we simply add filtered water and churn the two ingredients until thoroughly mixed. Moisture levels of the mixed clay are kept lower than traditional clay products as this leads to a stonger sink after kiln firing. 

True to age-old techniques, each of our sinks are handmade. Low moisture clay is hand-loaded into molds where it settles for 48 hours. Following this, the sinks are carefully removed form the molds and are then worked by hand using the same basic tools (and water) that clay artisans have used for centuries.

Next, it's time for low-firing in the kiln. Sometimes called bisque firing, this process preps the material for glazing by creating a hard, porous surface. Vitreous enamel glaze is then applied by hand to ensure a thick, even coating. In the final step, glazed sinks are fired again at over 2000 degrees Farenheit. The result is a glossy, ultra-durable, impervious sink that will stand the test of time.