About Us


Fossil Blu began as an idea back in the late 2000s. At the time, you could only find sinks in showrooms or big box stores. This meant customers were presented with limited options and in many cases, given little information to compare and contrast the products available to them. This was a boon for the sink brands as all they needed to do was develop relationships with the big box and showroom buyers and they'd sell product. Little effort was placed on material refinement, product development, craftsmanship and customer education.

Having been in the industry for years, our owners realized there was opportunity to better connect with the end users, while crafting great products using tried and true materials and methods. Furthermore, e-commerce was slowly becoming a powerful force in retail, giving consumers the ability to consume more information while being able to compare more products. This is how Fossil Blu was born. 

After years of research, planning, financing and hiring, the Fossil Blu team began product development. The team was committed to using materials that had been proven through the ages as resilient, dependable and timeless. As such, they settled on two materials to launch the brand: Fireclay and Copper. But the team knew, there were numerous opportunities to refine and perfect the materials used in the production of their sinks. Working closely with an international group of suppliers, our Artisans worked diligently to craft a line of farmhouse kitchen sinks that would meet the exacting standards of our most critical customers. 

Beyond developing a great product, our owners also wanted to stay away from the big box and showroom nepotism, rife in the home improvement retail space. They decided that in order to control their brand identity and value set, they would sell direct to the public. While this meant more human resources, capital and operational expenses, it was necessary to achieve the vision. 

Without a doubt, the strength of Fossil Blu is in its people. Our team of dedicated industry professionals is commited to building a brand, and lines of products, that will last into perpetuity. As you consider purchasing a Fossil Blu Farmhouse Kitchen Sink for your kitchen, you'll be buying not just a great product, but a commitment from an organization of people who standby their product and reputation.