5 Decor Ideas to Bring Holiday Warmth into Your Kitchen
November 23, 2020

5 Decor Ideas to Bring Holiday Warmth into Your Kitchen

5 Decor Ideas to Bring Holiday Warmth into Your Kitchen


Holiday decorations don't have to stop with your entryway and living room — extend that same warmth and cheer to your kitchen!

Here are five holiday decor ideas to inspire your kitchen space this season:

Mix decorations in with shelved plates and utensils.

Shelves are a natural place to display items, so why not use them to mix in some of your holiday decorations with your normal plates, cups and utensils? There are so many elegant ways to achieve this organic and festive look with your shelves. Just mix and match as you please!

Spruce up your sink and stove.

Don't overlook the key areas of your kitchen — the sink and the stove — when it comes to holiday decor. You can decorate your sink and the window in front of it with twinkly lights, wreaths, plants or seasonal stems. As for the stove, wreaths hanging above look beautiful here as well.

Display your holiday dishes and towels.

This is the time to dig out your holiday-themed kitchenware, and your kitchen is the perfect place to display them. Festive mugs, dish towels, dishware and utensils all look great and achieve that bit of seasonal cheer in your space. You can even display some of these on a cake stand for added charm!

Get extra cozy by displaying holiday cookies and candies.

There's so many baked goods and candies that can be displayed and eaten during this time of year. Food is the cornerstone of the kitchen, after all. Try adding touches of candy cane to shelves and countertops, or show off your freshly-made gingerbread houses and Christmas cookies for the warmest seasonal feel.

When in doubt, apply these simple touches.

If you want an inviting holiday vibe but want to keep it simple, try adding pops of green and red to kitchen corners and around other narrow areas. Placing Fraser fir in various spots around your kitchen is an easy and organic touch. You can also adorn a few areas with pinecones and garland and instantly feel the festive spirit in your kitchen. 

So there you have it — with plenty of ideas and inspiration but in just a few steps, your kitchen can be functional and rich with holiday cheer! For more information or questions on how to maximize your kitchen space, feel free to contact us.