6 Tips to Design the Perfect Kitchen for Entertaining
December 14, 2020

6 Tips to Design the Perfect Kitchen for Entertaining

6 Tips to Design the Perfect Kitchen for Entertaining


Kitchens are no longer just spaces where we prepare food. When properly designed, they can also be used as a place for entertaining. A well-designed kitchen should be both functional and a space where people want to spend time. To turn your kitchen into a multi-use area, there are several details you should focus on.  

Below are some ideas to help you create a kitchen that is ideal for entertaining. 
Open up the space

When looking to transform your kitchen into an entertaining spot, the first thing you should consider is the layout. An open layout allows for easy flow and transportation of food and drinks to other areas in the home. You can also add a kitchen island to create more storage options and provide extra seating for your guests.  
Upgrade appliances 

In case you entertain frequently, you should look for appliances that will offer convenience when entertaining. You may want to invest in appliances like a double dishwasher, refrigerated drawers, under counter wine or beer cooler, a coffee machine and glass cabinets to show off your glassware. Appliances made for entertaining will add functionality and create a wow factor in your kitchen. 
Choose surfaces wisely
When you choose the right materials for your kitchen floor, work surfaces and cabinet finishes, you will not need to worry about spillages and damage. An entertaining kitchen design should feature materials that are durable and easy to maintain. This will ensure you and your guests feel relaxed as you catch up and have a great time. 
Improve the lighting options

Stylish light fixtures will not only add a touch of beauty to the space but also help set the right mood. Depending on your preference, you can go for smart light bulbs, stick on lights, rope lights or customizable accent lights. Perfect lighting will make the space feel warm and welcoming, and keep your guests feeling relaxed. 
Contain the mess 

When entertaining guests, you will not want them staring at dirty dishes. This is why you should consider creating a cleanup zone on the side to allow you to hide the mess from your guests' view. Investing in a double-basin sink will enable you soak dishes and fine glassware separately as you socialize with your guests. Also, an extractor fan will help in eliminating smells while smart storage will assist in keeping surfaces clutter-free. 
Add tech-savvy touches 

For an improved entertainment experience, you can add a screen to your kitchen. This way, you will be able to enjoy a movie night, Super Bowl party or even stream online media. You can also have built-in charging stations so guests can power their devices without leaving the room. 

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