8 Charming Farmhouse Style Bathroom Renovations for 2022
August 11, 2022

8 Charming Farmhouse Style Bathroom Renovations for 2022

When designing your bathroom renovation, you want to create a space that is both comfortable and uplifting. You want a bathroom that makes you feel positive and charmed in the morning and easily relax into your bedtime routine at night. That's why many people choose the farmhouse style for bathroom renovations. A farmhouse bathroom is charming, efficient, and a little bit rustic: mixing old-fashioned finishes with natural tones that inspire a sense of comfort and tradition that can't help but bring a smile to your face.

But how do you choose the perfect farmhouse features to make your bathroom renovation complete? Here at Fossil Blu, we're passionate about the Farmhouse style, so you know we have a few ideas that you'll love.  


Install a Classic Soaker Tub

If there is one truly luxurious feature about the farmhouse bathroom style, it's the freestanding soaker tub. Is there anything more enjoyable than sinking deeply into a basin of hot water designed to - finally - let the water come up to your shoulders as you soak? For adults who don't fit into 5' bathtubs, a soaker tub is especially relaxing.

These classic tubs can be found in claw-foot and classic scoop-tub shape to help you choose the exact farmhouse style you desire. You can find farmhouse soaker tubs in a variety of modern materials, or you can have a classic clawfoot or soaking basin restored and installed in your bathroom for a real piece of history.


Replace Your Hollow-Core Door with a Wood Plank Door

Natural exposed wood is one of the signatures of farmhouse style - combined with warm, creamy paint colors. One of the best ways to make your entire bathroom feel more charmingly rustic is to replace that simple, painted, hollow-core interior door to the bathroom with a door that has a little more personality and history. Use reclaimed wood or have an old wood plank door restored to become your new bathroom door. This "splash" of real wood tones will provide personality to the bathroom and, in fact, to the hallway beyond as well.


Brass and Copper Fixtures

Update your faucets, handles, and shower head with more classic finishes. Brass and copper fixtures look truly elegant in a farmhouse bathroom design because they glow with the styles and polish of the past. Antiqued brass, the dark and formal-looking hue of warm metals, is a great choice for more somber or high-contrast farmhouse bathrooms while the bright flow of copper fixtures can add cheer and energy to the design instead.

You don't have to stop at the plumbing fixtures, either. Take a moment to consider every cabinet handle and drawer pull in the bathroom. Could you increase the charm of your bathroom with a little brass or copper in the other fixtures? There's a good chance the answer is yes.


A Luxuriously Deep Farmhouse Sink

Of course, what is a farmhouse bathroom without a deep basin sink? Farmhouse sinks have a classic design, providing a rounded, comfortable "apron" for the user to lean against. Farmhouse sinks are deep enough to wash your hands up to the elbows, do a load of hand-washed laundry, or give a bath to a baby or pet. They also come in truly gorgeous finishes. A bright beaten copper farmhouse sink has that perfect old-world charm of a piece that could have been made in the 18th century but, instead, was expertly designed by modern manufacturers.

Fireclay sinks also make a wonderful addition to your farmhouse bathroom renovation, offering that smooth, durable surface that will last for decades of beautiful service with all the accoutrements.


Hang a Wood-Framed Vanity Mirror

Reclaiming an antique vanity mirror is one of the most popular design choices in a farmhouse bathroom renovation. Instead of a standard issue frameless bathroom mirror, give your bathroom some charm and personality with a wood-framed vanity mirror that has seen many years and many homes. Many vanity mirrors are removed because they are difficult to move when attached, and you can often find some truly beautiful vanity mirrors exploring garage sales, thrift shops, and antique malls that feature old furniture or find a new mirror with an older vibe.

If you have a longer bathroom counter. choose an extra-large vanity mirror or an elegant matching set of two.


Natural Stone or Laminate Wood Flooring

What kind of floor goes best with a farmhouse bathroom renovation? We suggest natural stone tiles, which have texture and that natural color palette that looks so good with farmhouse style designs. Many decorators suggest reclaimed wood floors, but this is a bathroom. If you do choose wood floors, consider laminate composite board, which are boards made from layered wood and laminate to make them both highly durable and very water-resistant for rural-looking wood floorboards in your favorite rustic farmhouse shade.


Go Rustic with Your Wood Cabinets

Why stay with classic, modern and standard looking cabinets when you can have a restored rustic cabinet instead? Almost all beautiful farmhouse renovations feature a special choice of cabinetry, often a reclaimed old chest of drawers or sideboard with rustic wooden legs and a polished countertop surface. You can even add a stone countertop to an old chest of drawers and embed a farmhouse sink to transform the drawers into your beautiful farmhouse bathroom cabinetry. 


Hang a Stained-Glass Window

Bathrooms need windows that are not designed to be seen through. This is why frosted glass and rippled glass are popular, as are high-set windows that provide no view into the room. But one very beautiful option is to replace your bathroom window with stained glass. This translucent glass is thick like ripple glass but tinted into beautiful colors and cut into specific shapes to form a picture. You can give yourself a classic farmhouse rose to replace a single-paned window, choose geometric glass patterns, or a pattern that means something special to you.

No doubt, you will simply love your stained glass when sinking into your soaker tub for a relaxing evening of inspiration and relaxation.


Bringing Your Farmhouse Bathroom to Life with the Perfect Sink

If you are designing a farmhouse bathroom renovation this year, you need the perfect sink to help your design come to life. Here at Fossil Blu, we know all about what makes the perfect farmhouse sink - because it's all we do. If you want a beautiful copper or fireclay farmhouse sink with a wide apron and a welcoming design for your farmhouse bathroom, contact us today.