Are Marble Countertops The Right Choice For Your Kitchen?
August 26, 2020

Are Marble Countertops The Right Choice For Your Kitchen?

Are Marble Countertops The Right Choice For Your Kitchen?  Here Are The Pros And Cons That You Need To Know.


Without a doubt, you have been impressed by the sheer beauty of a kitchen with stunning marble countertops.  It's crisp and pristine appearance is truly awe-inspiring.

 But before you install any countertops, make sure you are picking the right material for your needs and living style. Are you someone that takes time and care with all of your cooking needs, or do you need low maintenance, wipe and go materials?

Your countertops are a focal point of your kitchen. Before making a decision on updating such a major feature, it's important to know what fits your needs. 

By reviewing the list of pros and cons below, you will be better able to decide if marble countertops are right for you or not:


  • They can help increase the value of your home.  Marble isn't a trend that will go out of style. Your kitchen is one of the "hot spots" that potential buyers inspect and value the most. 

  • They are beautiful and sophisticated. They demand attention and add class to your kitchen.

  • Every piece is unique, adding to its impressive nature.  No other homes' kitchen countertops will look exactly like yours. You won't have to worry about having a cookie-cutter kitchen.

  • You can have it honed, meaning it's not polished and therefore scratches will be less noticeable and will blend in as character over time.



  • Marble can stain easily because of its porosity. Spilled wine or olive oil can seep in and stain, while acidic foods or liquids can etch the surface. They need to be routinely sealed in order to be protected from damage caused by penetrating liquids.

  • They scratch and chip easily.  So, if you tend to use your counter as a cutting board when in a rush, it can easily ruin your countertops. You will also need to be mindful of a heavy pot or pan hitting the edge of the countertop as it could chip or break it. 

  • They are high maintenance. You can't just grab a bleach wipe, cleaner with lemon, or even spray vinegar to clean it down-as they can damage the marble.  There are special marble cleaners out there, but soap and water work well too.

  • They are expensive, even more so than granite or quartz.  A luxury look comes with a luxury price tag.


New countertops can be a big investment.  Make sure the material you choose matches your kitchen behavior so that you are happy in the long run.

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