Beat the Heat: Add a Ceiling Fan
May 27, 2022

Beat the Heat: Add a Ceiling Fan

Summer heat is on and will continue for some time. The course of the coming weeks will include many days when a soft breeze could optimize the comfort of your living space. Ceiling fans can create that effect. Even in our air-conditioned homes, or outside on the patio, cool air doesn't always flow well. Stale air can settle in less-ventilated spots. And a ceiling fan on the porch can help you enjoy the beauty of nature, in comfort.

Ceiling fans not only keep soft breezes stirring to caress us on days when temperatures rise. They evoke the romance of tropical breezes, earlier times, less-stressed lifestyles. Thinking of choosing a ceiling fan to enhance your home and ensure summer comfort through the heatwaves to come as the season progresses? Following are some important considerations for making the best possible selection.   

Value and Cost

Ceiling fans range in price from less than $100. for basic models to well over $500. for top quality, enduring, elegant designs. Fans on the lower end of the price range may be appropriate for starter homes and apartments, garages or workshops.

But spending a bit extra to purchase a higher-end model will pay off in the long run. There is a well-designed, moderately priced fan that will add to your décor and function well, no matter the style or floor plan of your home. 

The Best Site for Function and Appearance

Did you know ceiling fans come in different ratings, based on whether they will be installed in an area where the air is dry, damp or wet? Making the right choice regarding these ratings not only helps your fan function better and last longer, it facilitates safe operation. 

In general: 

  • UL dry-rated ceiling fans - featuring attractive wooden blades of furniture grade, can be used in living rooms, dining areas, great rooms and bedrooms - areas where moisture is unlikely to accumulate. 
  • UL damp-rated ceiling fans - are appropriate for bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, well-covered porches where fans are located at a distance from outside ceiling edges. Places where moisture may accumulate, but the fan will not come into direct contact with water. 
  • UL wet-rated ceiling fans - can endure weather. The motor housing is moisture resistant for protection from rain, snow, ocean spray. Choose this type for decks, patios, gazebos, exposed porches, for safer operation in wet or humid weather.

What Size Ceiling Fan is Best?

Ceiling fans are available in a wide range of diameters - from blade spans less than 23 inches to over 96 inches. First you will need to determine the size of the space where you plan to mount a ceiling fan. Measure the room's width and length, then multiply them together to find the square footage. Charts are available as guidelines for choosing the right size fan.

Buying the right ceiling fan is important for best effect. Do your research or consult a professional. A contractor experienced in ceiling fan installation can make calculations and determine precisely what size is best. 

What Type of Mounting Equipment is Needed?

  • Flush Mount - Best for rooms with ceilings less than 8 feet in height.
  • Standard Mount - For ceilings 8 to 10 feet in height.
  • Extended Downward Mount -  Recommended for ceilings greater than 10 feet in height. Varied length mounting brackets are available.
  •  Sloped Mount - Needed for proper mounting on ceilings that are not completely flat. 

Choosing the best ceiling fan mount to facilitate proper position of your fan aids energy efficiency.

Does the Site Need Light?

This is a matter of personal preference. Assess the space. Is sufficient lighting already present? If so, choosing a fan with a lighting fixture isn't necessary.

If the area is lacking light, there are many ceiling fans available featuring attractive lighting fixtures. Even if you do have sufficient light, you may choose a model featuring a light fixture, simply for its attractive appearance.

Style and Finish - Select a Good Fit or be Inspired

Whether your home is open and contemporary in design, or contains cozy furnishings that meld with your antique collection, a fan will be available that blends in and is aesthetically pleasing. Perhaps you want a rustic style fan for a family room. Maybe your porch has a tropical theme you would like to accent with the right fan choice - even one featuring leaf-shaped blades. Whatever your style and taste, if you shop around a bit, you're likely to find just what you have in mind. 

Some people have taken that approach and turned it around. Finding a lovely fan that gets your creative juices flowing can be exciting. Why not re-design a room around your new fan? Install wicker and plants to create a tropical effect. Re-furnish a room or simply change out a few pieces. Visit a second hand shop or a store or website featuring designer accessories that will work with that unique fan you simply couldn't resist. 

High Airflow Ceiling Fans for Outdoor Entertaining

These are great, efficient choices for porches, garages, warehouses, and outdoor areas like patios. The fact that these fans can also drive away mosquitoes and other insects and pests will be much appreciated when you entertain guests outdoors on those sultry late-summer evenings.  

Types of Controls

Most ceiling fans operate with the use of a pull-chain, but there are other options available for flow control. Some fans come with remote controls. Wall controls can sometimes be installed for convenience. 

Hand-held remote control offers the greatest versatility. Fan control is accomplished from a distance of up to 30 to 50 feet, without leaving the comfort of bed or chair.  

Push button wall controls are great for homes with kids. Positioning the control out of reach of children's hands can eliminate potential problems. Wall installation also ensures you won't misplace the remote control unit. 

The site of the fan and your household conditions will determine the best choice of pull-chain length or type of fan control that's most convenient. 

A Luxury Ceiling Fan Sets the Mood of a Room

Ceiling fans don't just create airflow. Their varied colors, styles, finishes and unique shapes can truly set the mood of your space. A well-chosen ceiling fan can draw a room together. After you have chosen a new fan, contact us to add a luxury sink as another beautiful addition to your home.