Bring Autumn into Your Home: Pumpkins, Candles and Yellow Leaves
September 22, 2022

Bring Autumn into Your Home: Pumpkins, Candles and Yellow Leaves

Fall is in the air, and it's time to start swapping your brightly colored summer décor for the muted hues of fall. Your favorite summer tablecloth printed with colorful designs may have served you well for the past few months, but now is the time to choose your next seasonal centerpiece and the best items to set on top of it. 

From the first day of October until you start putting up your Christmas decorations. Filling your home with pumpkins, apples, and fall leaves sets the tone for making the most of the brisk weather, and creating a fall tablescape is an important step in making your home match the season. Here are some of our favorite ideas for creating a festive fall tablescape.

Choose a Theme

Random fall décor can only go so far when it comes to creating a truly memorable tablescape. Although there is nothing wrong with falling in love with something a little different and bringing it home from time to time, putting some effort into choosing pieces that work well with the rest of your fall décor can turn a festive hodgepodge into a tablescape where every item clearly looks like it belongs there. Whether you love autumn leaves, pumpkins, or even solid, striped, or gingham pieces in fall colors, creating a cohesive tablescape can go a long way toward making its overall effect stand out. 

Start With a Seasonal Tablecloth 

Your tablecloth is the foundation of any well-thought-out tablescape, and making sure it conveys the tone you want is the first in creating a space where it is easy to celebrate the season every time you enjoy a meal. Whether you are interested in a tablecloth with a fun pumpkin print or one in a simple, elegant shade of your favorite solid fall color, making sure that the largest item on your table instantly says fall is a must.

For an extra special look, you can even experiment with using multiple pieces to make the base of your fall tablescape your own. Layering a printed table runner over a solid tablecloth, choosing a loosely woven top layer that allows a color to show through from underneath, or adding fabric placemats and napkins that both match and complement your tablecloth can go a long way toward creating a more complex and put-together look. 

Add Your Favorite Fall Décor 

Creating the perfect tablescape involves more than simply covering your table. Once you decide what you want to do with the first step, it's time to enjoy the fun part and fill your table with seasonal décor. Add fresh or glass pumpkins and a basket of apples. Scatter some colorful leaves and add vases filled with dried fall plants. The possibilities for decorating a fall tablescape that matches your style are endless. Setting out quality dishes in fall colors or patterns is an easy and functional way to complete your table décor. 

Light Seasonal Candles 

Nothing welcomes in fall like swapping your summer candles, air fresheners, lotions, and other scented products for your favorite seasonal scents, and fall candles can add a beautiful and sweet-smelling touch to any table. From pumpkin spice to apple cinnamon, your favorite fall candles can fill your kitchen and the rest of your home with the cozy and relaxing scents that make it clear that fall is quite literally in the air. The orange, red, and brown hues of many fall candles can also add a simple visual touch to your table, and you can even surround them with unscented white candles to create an even more elegant setup. 

Redress Lamps to Work With Your Fall Décor 

Any lamps that are on or close to your table should also convey a fall appearance as much as possible to make sure they do not become a distraction from the Fall décor in your home. Lampshades in any color other than orange, red, or neutral shades are not the best options because they will not mesh well with the hues on your table, and swapping them for something that complements your tablescape is an important step in keeping them from standing out more than you want them to.

Overly complicated lamp bases and wall lights can have a similar effect, such as bases made from large amounts of colored glass or painted ceramic. Even too much black or silver may stand out a little more than you would like it to if you want your entire kitchen to look like fall, and there is nothing wrong with selecting a set of simple brown or brass lamps that work better with the main colors of your fall tablescape. 

Choose Warm Light 

Even if you typically prefer the crisp, clean look of white light that come close to imitating the energizing effects of natural light, these types of bulbs can make it more difficult to create the warm, cozy atmosphere your carefully-planned fall tablescape deserves. The whitest daylight bulbs have many advantages, but their mood more closely resembles a summer day than the shift you are trying to create in your home as the seasons change. Nothing says fall like candles flickering in a dimly lit room, and temporarily swapping white bulbs in your kitchen for alternatives more vintage style, amber bulbs that create a warmer tone can do a much better job of supporting this effect. 

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