Bring the Coast to your Kitchen
June 24, 2020

Bring the Coast to your Kitchen

Bring the Coast to your Kitchen


At some time or another, everyone dreams of coastal living, and an easy way to make that a reality is adding some trademark coastal design elements to your space. Whether your roots are firmly planted somewhere else, but you want to bring a light, airy aesthetic to your kitchen, you've just made your coast dreams a reality, or you're already living the coastal lifestyle but need to revamp your space, here are 4 ways to achieve the perfect coastal kitchen. 

Think bright

What colors do you see when exploring a coastal town? Many people may think that they need a pure white look to achieve a breezy beach feel, but try incorporating other bright colors into your kitchen's palette. If you're sold on a white, naturally light-reflecting quartz countertop, go for it, and incorporating color into the backsplash, or even the cabinets. And, don't let the name fool you; a farmhouse sink will go gorgeously in any kitchen.  

Open up your shelving

Open shelving in a kitchen automatically modernizes and lightens your space. However, if you're not ready to have all of your dishes on display, try cabinets with ribbed glass fronts. They'll still be brighter and more modern than solid wood, without being completely open. 

Bring the outdoors in 

Succulents are extremely popular right now, because of how easy they are to take care of. The kitchen windowsill is a great place to keep them and will add a pop of natural color. If you're ready to go bigger, a fiddle-leaf fig could be the perfect statement plant for you. 

Light it up

Lighting is an integral part of any design. Many people want to bring in natural materials to their kitchen, especially in a coastal design. We recommend something that, while being made of natural materials, won't be too bulky or verge on tacky, like this Pottery Barn pendant