Colorful Kitchens: 4 ways to Brighten your Favorite Space
June 08, 2020

Colorful Kitchens: 4 ways to Brighten your Favorite Space

Colorize your Kitchen: 4 ways to Brighten your Favorite Space


Your kitchen is the heart of the modern home. In older houses, kitchens were tucked away, but with the popularity of open concept living, they now tend to be on full display, acting as an extension of your dining or living area, especially when you're entertaining. With all the time you and your family and friends spend there, it's a room that you absolutely want to feel joy when entering, but oftentimes our kitchens end up with painfully neutral palettes. Here are a few tips for adding color to your kitchen, without creating an eyesore.

1. Bold backsplashs

Switching out your plain backsplash is an effective way of brightening your entire kitchen. We love Zellige tile to add color, texture, and an overall unique feel to your kitchen. 

2. Colorful cabinets 

If you're ready to go all the way and tear out your existing cabinets in favor of something none of your friends have, make sure you go with a design with clean lines. Flat-front cabinets with minimalist or no hardware will enhance the modern look of your new striking cabinet color, without things getting too busy.

3. Eye-catching countertops 

If you're committed to your neutral cabinets and white tile backsplash, consider revamping your countertops with a vibrant marble or quartz in blue or green. Similarly to the cabinets, you'll want to complement your choice with clean accessories. A pure white farmhouse sink will stand out in the right way nestled into your bold new color scheme. 

4. Pretty paint

If you're not yet convinced and want to take a less permanent step towards a more colorful kitchen, paint will be your best friend. Opt for something bright, yet airy, if you're not ready to go full-on bold; instead of turquoise, try out a seafoam green. 


When you're deciding what direction to go in to add a little color to your kitchen, make sure you take it one step at a time, and balance out your bold choices with clean, timeless finishes for a recipe for success. Once your kitchen is revamped with its new color scheme, everything else will pale in comparison. When you're ready to complete the look with a gorgeous new sink, contact us.