Curl up with a Good Book: In Your Reading Nook
November 03, 2022

Curl up with a Good Book: In Your Reading Nook

Reading is a delight, whether you choose physical books or voraciously read e-books like they were candy. Those who love to read cannot be stopped, and we are always seeking a favorite place to read. Some people read in bed, but this can lead to a sore neck. Some people read by their favorite window, but most would favor a designated cozy area to kick up their feet and get lost in the story.

The best way to enjoy hours of reading is to create the perfect private reading space. The right reading nook can quickly become your favorite place in the house. House guests, other family members, or -- if you are in the hospitality trade -- boarders, who are fellow book-lovers may also find delightful refuge in a well-designed reading space. Here are a few key pointers on how to design your own nook for reading the hours away.

Choose or Create the Area for Your Reading "Nook"

First things first, choose your nook. Reading feels cozier when you have your back in a corner, and being closed in on three sides is the safest way to lose yourself in the pages of some fiction or fascinating history. Many homes have an unusual space that is already perfect for a reading nook. The nubbin-end of a hallway, an undersized kitchen nook, a bay window, or dead space below the stairs that might hold a simple sculpture or cabinet can instead be transformed into the coziest corner of the house.

If you don't have a nook, make one using book shelves, curtains, or other bulky furniture placement. For example, a large bedroom armoire placed a few feet away from the corner leaves the corner feeling more like a nook. If your nook is dark, don't worry. Just add a really nice reading light.

Catch Natural Light, When Possible

In some houses, there is a perfect spot to catch natural reading light. This happens when your nook-space and your window placement are perfectly aligned, and creates the best light for reading. Most people prefer to read by natural light, so if you see this opportunity, take it. However, you can also recreate many of the soothing effects of natural light with the right overhead light fixture.

A frosted cover, warm bulb, or full-spectrum light can create that ambient illumination that our eyes prefer when reading.

Add a Comfortable Chair for Long Reading Sessions

Of course, the most important element of any reading space is the chair. Never choose your reading chair for looks. A beautiful chair is great, but it must be comfy. You want the kind of chair you can curl up in with a book for hours and not have a sore back, neck, or hip when you finish the last chapter. Ideally, you want a chair that is comfy at three or four different angles with the help of a squishy pillow.

When you have found this perfect chair, stylize the rest of your nook around it.

Lay a Warm Woven Rug and Floor Pillows

The right rug can really complete a space and extend your reading options. Some people like to read on the floor, so a cushy woven or rag rug is the perfect way to enjoy every inch of your reading space. Some visually define their space with a beautiful patterned rug, while others seek to make the floor a place to lounge. If you like, you might consider a chair-pillow or a pile of cushions if reading on the floor appeals to you.

Put Up Your Feet

Another idea is to give yourself a footrest so you can kick up your feet. Most people appreciate any opportunity for foot elevation, and reading is the perfect time to fully relax with your feet up. Choose a recliner chair with plenty of room to relax or get yourself a soft ottoman to spice up the reading space. Some people enjoy an abundance of small ottomans or footstool-like objects like foam cubes and plush mushrooms.

Arrange a Soft Throw Blanket and Lounging Pillow

Don't forget the most important touch to make your reading nook feel cozy and warm: a throw blanket. The perfect throw blanket is soft and slightly textured. It may be knitted, woven, or quilted but it always feels just right to wrap yourself in, become a moldable cushion, or drape over yourself as you read. You may also enjoy a squishy throw pillow to help you lounge or to snuggle down into your chair for a nap when you've read yourself out.

Add a Flexible Light for Lounge-Reading

Sometimes your overhead light might not be sufficient. In that case, it is a good idea to find a flexible office light that can help you no matter what time you enjoy your reading nook. A light with multiple joints or a flexible neck can adjust to different angles in how you prefer to sit, providing better light for the most comfortable reading.


Here at Fossil Blu we love helping people create perfect spaces, whether it be a reading nook, or a beautiful kitchen or bathroom with a farmhouse kitchen sink. If you are looking for more ideas for creating a special space in your home,  Contact us today to talk about your home redesign.