Easy DIY Kitchen Islands

July 06, 2020

Easy DIY Kitchen Islands

Easy DIY Kitchen Islands


Have you wanted to add an island to your kitchen or replace one that no longer suits your lifestyle? Here are some ideas for installing your own beautiful kitchen island without the hassle and disruption of a major project?

Recycle and Reuse

Some great kitchen islands can be made by repurposing furniture you already have, or can easily find in an antique or home store. 

Stock cabinets

You can buy stock cabinets in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and styles. Find a pair that you can put back to back  and add a countertop or tabletop surface. By using stock cabinets, you have lots of choices for finishes such as a durable polyurethane to highlight the natural wood, or paint in colors to complement your kitchen. Of course, one of the best things is the added storage space which you can customize by choosing open shelves that are great for quick access and cookbooks, or doors which can help protect cabinet contents. 


A short bookshelf or two can be topped with a countertop or butcher block for a storage-friendly kitchen island that can be adapted to fit almost any size of kitchen. If it fits your space, taller bookshelves can be turned on their sides before a surface is mounted to the top, greatly expanding your counterspace. If the bookshelves are too low on their sides, you can easily construct a base and/or a top spacer section, and you can easily add doors if you like.


If it suits your style, an old desk can make a unique kitchen island. You'll probably want to add a countertop or butcher block to it, but then can paint it to match your kitchen and add coordinating hardware. The space underneath can make excellent storage for a trash can, recycling bin, or a small rolling cart.

Farmhouse Table

Add a lower shelf or two, or a rolling cart underneath to turn an old farmhouse style table into a functional kitchen island. It already has the perfect surface, so half of the work is already done for you!


If you already have a kitchen island that just doesn't fit the bill, add some additional functionality and style to your current island. 

Bookcase Shelving

If you need more space for cookbooks and spices, try replacing the surface of your island with a new, longer one and mount a small bookcase or build a small shelf unit underneath the overhang. Paint the whole thing to match. Boom! Instant storage.

Wine Rack

Add a grid or cross-pieces to an open area of your kitchen island to create a quick-access wine rack for a favorite few bottles of wine. 

New Hardware or Paint

Switch out the hardware for a quick style change, or repaint your island to add a unique look to your kitchen. 

Adding a kitchen island doesn't have to be a full-scale project. Looking for more great ideas for making your kitchen special? Contact us to learn more about our luxury sinks and design inspiration.

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