Everything IS the kitchen sink.
April 20, 2020

Everything IS the kitchen sink.

Everything IS the kitchen sink.


While the food you prepare is the main attraction, the real statement in your kitchen is that kitchen sink. For a number of reasons, your kitchen sink sets the whole theme and atmosphere of your kitchen. There are key factors to go over when planning out your kitchen sink, such as placement and materials. 

Current Kitchen Sink Trends

Two is better than one - There is no rule stating that you can only have one sink in your kitchen. Perhaps a big one against a wall for washing dishes and a small one on your island for rinsing vegetables or washing your hands. There's no limit to how creative you can be.

Accessories - Vegetable drying racks, built in colanders, multiple taps, tap extensions, the list goes on and on. 

Lip - Kitchen sinks that curve over into a lip that sits over the edge of the counter add a new dynamic to the kitchen sink and highlight it as the key feature of your kitchen. 


There are various spots you can choose for your kitchen sink, each pertaining to function, convenience and aesthetic. You could have a sink on the corner of your kitchen island, beside the stove or opposite the stove, in an adjoining scullery or smack in the middle of your kitchen. Where you place it should not be an inconvenience to you when you need to get to it but it does determine whether it catches the eye when you enter the kitchen.


Choosing what material your sink will be made of decides the theme of your kitchen. Having a more dense or heavy material sets an entirely different tone to a stainless steel sink or a ceramic one. You want something that gets the jobs done but also something that is customizable enough to mold unto the perfect piece for your kitchen. 


The wonderful thing about design is you always have the option of saying no to norms. You don't have to have a silver sink if that does not suit your space. Choose a color concrete, stone or layered finish for your sink and what it gets taken to a whole other level after a simple color change. Be bold or muted, just choose what suits you best. 

Statement piece

Taking a page out of the book of beauty, specifically in the makeup world, it is considered an unwritten rule that if you want to draw attention to a bold lip, you tone down the eye makeup, and vice versa. Well, the same goes for your kitchen, funnily enough. If you want your kitchen sink to draw the eye immediately, perhaps eliminate the other contestants. For example, if you make a bold choice like having a bright red ceramic sink, don't have a loud color pallet for the rest of your kitchen. Choose softer, muted colors for everything else to give you sink the stage. 

Simply upgrading your kitchen sink can be a wonderfully cost-effective way to completely transform your kitchen. Since the late 2000s, Fossil Blu has helped countless customers do just that with their spectacular designs, products and years of expertise, contact us to learn more.