Fall in love with your Laundry Room
June 19, 2020

Fall in love with your Laundry Room

Fall in love with your Laundry Room


When you think of your favorite room in your home, the laundry room may not top the list. However, it is paramount that this space is functional, and, since it's a room that you have to use, you want to make it on par with the rest of your home's rooms in terms of luxury and practicality. Here are a few upgrades that will have you falling in love with your laundry room. 


Install a wall-mounted ironing board

Your laundry room may not be incredibly spacious, so installing a wall-mounted ironing board will save you space, add a custom look, and make it that much easier to get around to ironing your clothes -- no more dragging a clunky board out of a closet, or leaving it out to become a catch-all table for unfolded clothes.

Add a sleek utility sink

You may not currently have a laundry room sink, or you may have a bulky, unsightly utility sink dominating your laundry space. Having a sink in the laundry room is a must if you're constantly finding stains that need to be pre-treated and hand-rinsed before getting tossed in the washer. A fireclay farmhouse sink will add just the right amount of charm and practicality to elevate your laundry room to the next level.

Get organized

If you've made the switch to laundry pods instead of liquid detergent, consider transferring them out of their plastic packaging to a glass or clay container. Just make sure they're clearly labeled and out of reach of kids! If you're still using liquid detergent, pour it into a drink dispenser with a tap, so you don't have to lift up the jug every time; this will also make it easier to tell when you need to purchase more. If you're able to, add open shelving to show off this attention to detail


By just making a few adjustments, you'll elevate your laundry room from lackluster to luxurious, and you may even find yourself doing laundry more often. For more information on our products, contact us.