How Two-tone Kitchens Can Elevate Your Home
October 21, 2020

How Two-tone Kitchens Can Elevate Your Home

How Two-tone Kitchens Can Elevate Your Home


For most homeowners, the kitchen is the heart of the home. It's where you make great food and even better memories. So why not invest in the aesthetics of the room? 

These days, one of the most popular kitchen looks is the two-toned kitchen cabinets, and it's easy to see why. Two-tone kitchen cabinets are when a homeowner's upper cabinets are a different color from the bottom. Some homeowners choose to mix white cabinets with a natural wood, while others get creative with their colors.  No matter the mix, two-toned cabinets offer a variety of aesthetic and economic benefits while adding a fresh, elegant look to your home. 

Benefits of two-toned kitchens

Make a small kitchen feel larger

Two-toned cabinets, when done right, can make your kitchen seem more spacious. If you put lighter cabinets, such as white or slate gray, above a darker wood or black cabinet, the eye is immediately drawn to the brighter shade, giving the appearance that your kitchen is larger than it is. Lighter colors on top also makes your space look brighter because they will reflect the natural light from your windows. 

Increase resale value

Two-toned cabinets also are a cheap way to increase your home's resale value. They are a hot trend on the retail market, so if you're considering selling, this is a great way to get more value on your home. 

Tips for using two-toned cabinets

Choose your focal point

When first getting into the trend, it is important to choose a focal point, or the piece that will feature different cabinetry, than the rest of the kitchen. Typically, homeowners choose a kitchen island for the focal point because it is in the center of the home, but you can explore with a variety of options. Try using mobile applications to test your options before committing. 

Remember to coordinate

Once you've chosen your focal point, it's time to decide on colors. Remember the focal point is supposed to be eye-catching, so you can go bold. Though it's best to place lighter colors on top, you may want to meet with a color professional to find shades that pair well together. If bright colors aren't your thing, you can opt to use separate materials in your design. Try a wood finish on the bottom for a traditional look or mix in glass and aluminum for an industrial feel. 

The devil is in the details

Even though your cabinets will be different colors, you need elements to tie them together. One way to do this is choosing colors within the same color pallet. Shades of the same color can be an equalizer in the kitchen. However, if you choose two hues, try using the same hardware to bring the look together. 

If you need inspiration, or some elegant pieces to tie your home together, contact us today.