Ideas for Layering Textures in Kitchen Design
July 20, 2020

Ideas for Layering Textures in Kitchen Design

Ideas for Layering Textures in Kitchen Design


Kitchens are functional work spaces, as well as creative, sanitizing, and gathering spaces that are central to the home. Kitchen spaces inevitably have at least several textures, including the surfaces of cabinets, appliances, and counters. Quality kitchen design is mindful of layering textures so that the textures work together to create an aesthetic that pleases the senses, as well as surface work areas that last through the test of time.

Ideas for Layering Textures in Your Kitchen Design

Style is the first thing to keep in mind with the textured layering of kitchen design. Is the style of the kitchen modern and abstract or minimalist, country and colorful, or perhaps urban retro? Each primary layer of texture in a kitchen should be unique, yet complementary to one another, as well as tied-in with both the colors and textures of accessories and decor.


Outstanding for showcasing and tying together the textures of your kitchen, copper is a malleable material with a rich tone.

Consider a farmhouse style handmade hammered copper sink, which works exceptionally well with both the colors and textures of wood cabinets, stainless steel appliances, and granite countertops. As a color and texture of depth, copper adds an earthy, old world feel that is also still innovative and unique to kitchen design in modern culture.


Kitchen cabinets are often made of wood materials, and when a kitchen has a lot of cabinetry, the wood can dominate the texture of a kitchen. Consider adding glass kitchen cabinet doors in strategic areas of cabinetry to create a more open feel and tie the color scheme of your walls and decor with the exposed interior of your cabinets, such as dishware and accessories.

Clear glass is also a great choice for appliances and kitchen island tops.


For crisp, classic modern style, as well as clean traditional kitchen style, fireclay is a great choice for layering textures. Whether you choose completely smooth fireclay or intricately grooved fireclay, its is reminiscent of historical craftsmanship, which adds an unmatched richness and high quality textural aesthetic to any room.

Handmade fireclays provide a versatile compliment to most kitchen textures. For kitchens that run on the darker, heavier side of primary textures, farmhouse sized handmade fireclay sinks will create an open, bright feel, and they're an unmatched choice for kitchens that need a focal point, or that naturally feature a centered sink.

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