Inspirations to Make Your Next "Big Game" Party a Touchdown
February 02, 2023

Inspirations to Make Your Next "Big Game" Party a Touchdown


The Big Game is almost here, and so is the party! Friends, fun, food, and (oh yeah) football! It doesn't matter if you're interested in the game or not; everyone loves Super Bowl Sunday. And now that the big day is approaching, why not create the viewing party of the season?

Whether you're excited about, getting together with friends, the game itself, the halftime show, the commercials, or the food, several practical ideas can push your Big Game party into the end zone. If you're looking to create a memorable event with a bit of an upscale twist, you're in the right place.

Leading up to game day, here are some incredible ideas for a memorable Super Bowl party:

Invite Guests in Style

The style of your Super Bowl party begins with the invitation. A well-thought invitation sets the event's tone and gives your guests a glimpse of what to expect. For instance, when you settle on “jeans n’ jerseys” or "cocktail attire," your guests will be aware of the formality level.

Therefore, ensure you create a festive invitation that informs your visitors that you're going all out with the Big Game party. Whether you invite them through the mail or opt for digital avenues, all invitees will mark their calendars once they see the effort you've invested into hosting them.

Don’t forget to verify that you can stream the game

Picture this. You have everything set up, and the merry-making is already on course. But when the main event comes, you realize that you've not set up the center of the party, your TV!

This is the one thing you don't want at your Big Game party. Thus, it makes sense to check in advance that you can air the game. This way, you'll have enough time to acquire a reliable antenna or figure out the issue with your cable provider. Don't worry if you've cut your cable cord, as there are multiple ways to stream the event.

Create your own stadium out of your space 

This is a big event, so don't hesitate to go all out regarding game-day décor. Doing this will only elevate your Super Bowl party. Fortunately, you can leverage many creative ideas to bring the game into your space.

Even better, creating your own stadium doesn't have to be expensive. Browse platforms like Pinterest and Etsy for the perfect inspirations, from serving ware to tablecloths and posters. Alternatively, check out our guide to organizing your home to make small spaces work.

Also, you'll likely have limited sitting spaces for your excited guests. How many boisterous individuals can fit on a single couch? Beat this hurdle by setting up a alternative seats in your living room. Folding chairs, foot stools, bean bag chairs. Whatever fits your space. This will be especially crucial when you're done watching the game, and everyone is preparing for a post-party nap.

Stock up on Your Team's Gear

You are the host of the day. Therefore, you're supposed to represent your side with pride by donning the gear from head to toe. From hats and jerseys to scarves and socks, ensure you stock up if you still don't have enough.

On top of the gear, be sure to add some fun with the right game-day accessories for the biggest footballing day of the year. You can get the best deals on these accessories by purchasing items you can order in bulk, including pom-poms, whistles, and black eye kits. This way, everyone attending your Big Game party will have just as much fun as you.

Provide Fun Party Favors

It doesn't matter whether your team wins or loses; your guests shouldn't leave your place empty-handed. Instead, ensure everyone takes home something that will make them remember your game-day party. For instance, you can provide football-customized mason jars for your guests to drink out of. Afterward, they can take these items home as souvenirs or to fill with snacks.

Other party favors to help you go all out include the following:

Customized water bottles

Team lollipops

Team-colored t-shirts that guests wear on arrival

Play Around with Unique and Fun Recipes

You have your Big Game classics, but mixing in a few non-traditional appetizers can be a great idea if you're not satisfied by merely pizza and wings. You may try out crusted avocado fries instead of real fries or create a spice mixture comprising a batch of poppers or empanadas. Moreover, you can take the healthy option and try out some Greek hummus with vegetable sticks or homemade pita.

Also, be sure to include fan-favorite recipes as well. Typically, Big Game recipes are filled with comfort food. Of course, the typical delicacies are all welcome. However, you're free to reinvent your refrigerator and deviate from any food that feels boring. So find different ways to include new twists on classics, like beer cheese sliders or potato gratin snacks.

Serve Up a Super Sweet Dessert

From football-shaped cookies to helmet-shaped brownies inscribed with your favorite player's number, making desserts for the big day can be fun for all members of your household. So let everyone have something sweet to celebrate.

Try out this S’mores cookie cake recipe to take the party to the next level.


  • 30 marshmallows
  • Graham crackers (two sleeves)
  • Three cups of chocolate chips (semi-sweet)


Layer one of the graham crackers sleeves, a cup of chocolate chips, and 15 marshmallows in your oven-proof skillet. Next, bake for ten minutes at 350F until the marshmallows turn golden brown. Finally, you'll melt the rest of your chocolate chips and sprinkle them on top.


Whether your team wins or loses the next Super Bowl game, you have the opportunity to score points as the ultimate Big Game host when you follow the above guidelines. Whatever you do for the event, always remember that the guests are more important than the favors or the food. So enjoy their presence, and they'll appreciate your party.