Invest in Your Home: Renovate the Kitchen!
June 17, 2022

Invest in Your Home: Renovate the Kitchen!

Right now, the housing market has never been so hot. Homes are being snapped off the market almost instantly, when bidding wars don't slow down the process. This is a great time to currently be a homeowner, outside the market chaos. Of course, if you've been dreaming of a change in scenery, your best option is to invest in changes to your house. Kitchen renovations, in particular, can transform your experience of the home and have great potential for return on investment (ROI) - if you know what you're planning for.

Home renovations allow you to invest in your home instead of diving into the housing market. Each renovation can bring new style and personality to your home. From painting an accent wall to installing a more satisfying sink, a few small changes can not only increase your daily joy at home - you can also increase the value of your home in the long-term. 

Let's dive into a few kitchen renovation ideas to invest in your happiness and the long-term value of your home.

A Little Goes a Long Way

You may be toying with the idea of a full-scale renovation - and that could be awesome - but the numbers show that small kitchen renovations offer the best ROI -return on investment - when it comes to your home value later on.  Changing just one or two elements, or just updating the surface style without a full rebuild - will give you the most bang for your buck.

If you want to transform your kitchen experience, think about the specific details you want to change. Taller faucet? Shorter oven? Deeper sink? Windowed cabinet doors? These are all minor renovations that make a big difference.

Increase Your Illumination

Bring up the lights! It's amazing just how many kitchens are under-lit. Do you find yourself chopping vegetables in your own shadow no matter where you stand at the counter? This is because most kitchens have one central light and a light in the stove hood. Every countertop is shadowed because you stand between the light and the counter.  

In a kitchen, strategic lighting is the essential element. Run a strip of lights below each upper cabinet to light your countertops. Place a dedicated sink light to illuminate prep and dishes. Have canister lights set into the ceiling for even illumination across the kitchen.  

Not only will you see more clearly when you cook, your kitchen will also be bright and welcoming to increase the overall home value.

Enhance Your Ergonomics

Does your kitchen honor the golden triangle? Is there 4-9 uninterrupted feet between the fridge and stove, stove and sink, or sink and fridge? Does your kitchen feel cramped like the walking space is too small or certain features are too close together? Do the cabinets open into your face when you stand at the stove or sink? Then there is something wrong with your kitchen ergonomics.

This is the perfect time to make renovations that reduce frustration in your kitchen. Reverse those cabinet doors by installing the hinges on the other side. Have your fridge or stove relocated to perfect your golden triangle.

Redesign Your Sink Station

The sink station is an important part of your kitchen experience and the value your kitchen adds to the home. A kitchen sink that is small or cramped just won't be comfortable to use. If you want to be comfortable, try a deeper Farmhouse sink with a tall pot-filler faucet. A farmhouse sink is comfortable to work at, and deep enough for everything from pot filling to bathing the family dog. A  fireclay sink has smooth, rounded sides that are easy to lean against as you peel vegetables or wash up after a meal. Darker Fireclay colors can add a splash of drama to a darker themed kitchen or can be an accent to white and gray themes.

You can also embrace the striking and steam-punk style with a beaten copper farmhouse sink. This timeless look adds a brilliant splash of color and metallic finish to your kitchen, setting the stage for its role in your color palette.

 Update Ye Olde Appliances

Older appliances can be more frustrating than joyful to cook with. If you have an oven that's seen much better days or a dishwasher that needs more attention than just hand-washing the dishes, then appliance replacement may bring you the most happiness of any other renovation. Give yourself the gift of a kitchen that works and works well. 

Choose modern, stylish appliances that both add to your kitchen's appearance as well as its function. 

Stylize the Cabinetry & Backsplash

Your cabinets have the single greatest potential to add ROI and completely transform the look and feel of the kitchen. No need for a major rebuild. Instead, have your cabinets repainted in your primary accent color. You can replace the handles on each cabinet and drawer with something modern and stylish. You can even replace the entire cabinet door structure. Switch to open shelves, hang glass or windowed cabinet doors, and other ways to make it look like a new kitchen with the same cabinet structure.

Install Organization Systems

An organization system can be a pantry system, drawer organizer, slide-out or fold-down mechanisms, and vertical storage in your cabinet space. Everyone loves a kitchen that helps you keep everything clean and tidy. Eliminate rummaging and jumbled drawer mess while also making your entire cooking process easier - for you and any future buyer

Organization systems are a good investment for the future value of your home while also streamlining your kitchen routine. Make lifting heavy small appliances easy. Make it easy to find exactly the right spoon and utensil each time, then have an easy time putting everything away after groceries arrive or emptying the dishwasher.


Here at Fossil Blu, we understand kitchen renovations and choosing the best renovation to achieve the changes you'll love most. Let us help you invest in your home with a new beautiful, hammered copper or fireclay farmhouse sink. Contact us today to explore our excellent collection of deep, comfortable, and functional sink designs for your kitchen remodel.