Kitchen Design Forecast 2022: 8 Ideas for On-Trend Remodeling
January 07, 2022

Kitchen Design Forecast 2022: 8 Ideas for On-Trend Remodeling

The biggest change in 2022 is the rise of personality in kitchen design. With all the lockdowns, families are cooking more at home, making them think about what they really want and need in a kitchen. This has led to increased personalized designs. We're seeing bolder colors, retro chic, innovative storage, and integrated family life in kitchen renovations and we couldn't be more thrilled. Every home is getting that unique touch of personality that makes a house a home.

We’ve seen rapid development of kitchen design trends over the last few years as a natural consequence of families spending more time at home and homeowners deciding to really make the kitchen their own. Homeowners today are getting creative with kitchen designs, exploring more color and style options with a focus on practical aesthetics and family life. There are some amazing trends coming into fashion for kitchen renovations this year, so it's time to pick your favorites and create your own perfect kitchen design with tons of personality. Here are some ideas to help.

1. Hexagon Backsplash Tiles

Backsplashes are getting a lot of attention in kitchen design trends. Geometric tiles are not just "in", they're everywhere. Hexagons are especially popular as they add that beautifully dynamic look to a kitchen made of straight lines.

We are also seeing a rise in textured and even holographic backsplash tiles as homeowners look for ways to add more visual depth to their kitchen design.

The third backsplash trend is waterfall or "seamless" backsplashes where the marble from the countertop appears to flow naturally up the wall to become the backsplash from end-to-end. This is a great opportunity for a little natural-cut shaping to give that seamless backsplash a rugged, mountainous look at the top and an elegant flow at the base.

2. Cool Green and Dark Blue Cabinets

Cabinet colors are becoming brighter and more powerful. Green cabinets have been sneaking into the public eye for over a year--but gone are the sage greens and other minimal shades.

This year, expect some gorgeous cabinetry painted in cool greens. Muted greens like moss and green-tinted grays are blending with mint and jewel green to create an incredible nature-ready color palette or a striking twist on a traditional modern kitchen.

At the same time, dark blues have never been more popular. Dusty blue, navy blue, and that special marine blue usually seen in houses near the ocean are all transforming kitchens with a dark theme that is at once both practical and elegant.

3. Dining Table Kitchen Islands

Families are coming together again for meals, which means redefining where you eat together. For the most part, modern families tend to leave a dining room untouched in favor of more casual meals around the kitchen island. As a result, island design is transforming to become part prep-space and part dining table. Many homeowners are bringing the barstool chairs around the island for breakfast in the morning and a few are simply bolting down a dining table where they want an island to be. This covers two goals with one simple upgrade: island and dining table in one.

4. Nifty Hidden Designs

Hidden storage is all the rage. During the pandemic, walk-in pantries and pantry organizers hit peak popularity. Now, homeowners are getting creative with ways to improve on classic kitchen storage designs. Slide-out vertical storage is especially space-conscious and friendly for shorter chefs. Spinning corner shelves make rummaging unnecessary. Dish drawers are in, as are special compartments just to hide your countertop appliances like the toaster and blender. Look for ways to incorporate more hidden storage into your kitchen design

Hidden and even invisible kitchens are also hot right now. In 2022, homeowners are focusing increasingly on cabinet-fitting appliances so things like the fridge and dishwasher completely disappear when certain cabinet doors are closed. The invisible kitchen trend even explores closing off more elements until it's impossible to tell that the space was once a kitchen rather than a wood-paneled room with some surfaces.

5. Banquette Seating Nooks

Banquette seating is a mini seating bench, like a booth in your kitchen, for people to kick back while they keep the chef company. As homes become centers of family life again, banquette seating in a breakfast nook makes the whole kitchen more inviting.  It is a great place for friends and family to keep someone company while they prepare meals. We are seeing an increased focus in both built-in seating and kitchen nook design.

6. Bold Contrast and Black Accents

Black is back to bring high contrast to modern, minimalist and even retro-chic kitchens. Black appliances are making a splash in lighter-colored kitchens. Homeowners are experimenting with the black-and-white kitchen design by pairing black cabinets with a gleaming white countertop - or black countertops with gleaming white cabinets.

Black adds an element of mystery and luxury to your kitchen that is hard to achieve with light colors. In contrast with mixed metals, natural woods, and softer paint tones, black is making a bold statement in many kitchens this year.

7. Open Shelves Instead of Upper Cabinets

Bringing a sense of spaciousness into a traditional kitchen can be difficult with the upper cabinets crowding into your eyeline. That is exactly why so many homeowners have recently taken out the upper cabinets entirely.

Switching to dish drawers and open shelves above the counter can really open up the space. Floating shelves allow you to decorate with your kitchen utensils and create a visually open and appealing environment.

8. Second Kitchens

As family life grows to fill all the spaces in the home, so too does our need for kitchens. Many people are choosing to add a new kitchenette to a second area of the house. It might be an upstairs snack station, or an elegant little home bar to entertain guests.

Or you might add a kitchen in a finished basement where people can get a snack while playing games or watching sports. This is great for teens too and keeps the main kitchen free. A smaller second kitchen just needs a few cabinets, countertop, small sink, one or two burners, and a small refrigerator.

Another place to add a kitchen is outdoors. Transform your back deck into the ultimate barbecue pit or pizza kitchen. Outdoor kitchens can be anything from a brick wood-burning oven and fireplace combo to a complete gourmet indoor-outdoor kitchen installation.


What will your kitchen transformation look like in 2022? Contact us today to find the perfect sink to complete your unique new kitchen design.