Luxury Gardening? Try an Outdoor Farmhouse Sink
June 10, 2022

Luxury Gardening? Try an Outdoor Farmhouse Sink

With the weather warming up, many people are headed back out to the garden to nurture life from the soil. Whether you are a whiz with seasonal blossoms or manage a delicious home vegetable garden, there are definitely a few home features that can enhance your gardening ability. Preexisting flowerbeds, a patio made for planters, nice areas of rotating sunlight and a very deep sink all make a difference.

At Fossil Blu, we believe a deep Farmhouse sink can enhance your gardening capabilities. Many people build themselves a deep-basin sink outdoors--or in their potting shed-- to make gardening easier on the go. This also keeps the potting mess outside of the house.

What are the qualities of a Farmhouse sink that can improve your gardening? It's the deep basin, the tall faucet, and the ability to work with pots and plants of many different sizes - all while keeping clean along the way. Let's dive into a few ways that a Farmhouse sink can make you a better gardener.

Repotting is a Breeze

Repotting can be a disaster or a quick and easy transfer. You want a basin to catch lost soil and a space large enough for one or both planters involved in the repotting. With a farmhouse sink, you can settle the larger destination pot into the sink and quickly transfer your plant from one planter to the next. The farmhouse sink gives you plenty of room to work down at a comfortable lift-and-move waist level. This is part of why many farmhouse sinks are installed slightly sunken with a comfortable protruding apron.

You can easily lift, heft, and replant within the confines of a spacious Farmhouse sink.

Water Entire Trays and Square Planters

Being an avid gardener means constantly keeping trays of growing seedlings and often keeping larger square or rectangular planters as your living things grow. A Farmhouse sink has enough room to water an entire tray of young or small plants at a time. You also have the room to heft larger planters and deep planters that need stability into the sink to water or examine their soil. 

For an attentive gardener, having a large sink makes it possible to take more tender care of your plants, examine their hydration, and use the sink as a comfortably low-set and upright-stable workstation for your taller plants.

Refill the Entire Watering Can, Hands-Free

A watering can that is large enough to get around all your planters can be hefty, and hard to fill at a smaller sink. A Farmhouse sink, however, lets you fill your largest watering can hands-free. Set your watering can into the sink and let the arcing overhead faucet begin to fill. Then pick something else to do for a few moments while the can fills. You can tend to your smaller plants, check for brown spots on leaves, and rotate your indoor plants to catch sunbeams, then swing back and pick up the watering can from the safe depths of the sink. Now you're ready to water everything that the hose and sprinklers can't reach.


Easy to Upcycle Potting Containers

With a deep sink, you can rinse just about anything. This means if you are enthusiastic about creatively upcycled potting containers, the world is your oyster. A farmhouse sink makes it easier to rinse large and interesting items ranging from old boots to old wagons to plant your next living flower arrangements inside.  You can rinse baskets of bottles for little upright planters or go out exploring for found-planter materials and interesting objects you wouldn't think could be planters.

Then get your planters ready by washing and preparing them in the depths of your farmhouse sink before augmenting your garden décor with new and creative planter designs.

Rinse Fresh Vegetables in Bushels

A large sink also makes it easier to enjoy your haul if you grow fruits and vegetables. A harvest can be surprisingly bulky, and you'll want to rinse the whole lot immediately to examine your prize. A farmhouse sink makes it easy to rinse fresh harvested fruits and vegetables by the bushel full. You can fill a colander bowl or simply drop your dirt-covered root vegetables and dusty vine fruits into the sink and let the water do the rest. 

Soon, you'll be admiring your fresh harvest and deciding what to cook, preserve, or eat raw on the spot.

Quickly Rinse and Store Potting Containers

Many gardeners like to have a primary gardening sink to manage potting containers. As little plants grow out of their pots and big plants grow into the main garden, you are constantly cycling through planters and potting containers that need rinsing. A quick rinse and upside-down dry can have your routine potting containers back in the cupboard and ready for the next plant that is just the right size or at the right growth stage.

A deep sink makes it easy to wash all but your largest planters when they are between plants and ready to be stowed.

Bonus Gardening Tip: Catch Pasta Water for the Watering Can

Did you know that pasta water contains great nutrients for most plants? The starch that is boiled off the pasta is like pure plant food for your flowers and vegetables and a clean kitchen byproduct

A farmhouse sink makes it easy to work with two pots and a colander or sieve at the same time. You can easily dump the pasta from its original pot through a sieve or colander and catch the water in another pot below. Then fill your watering can and give your favorite growing planters an extra treat with their daily hydration. Your plants will thank you for the snack.


If you love to garden and are thinking about a new sink for your garden or kitchen, contact us today. FossilBlu has an incredible selection of fireclay and copper farmhouse sinks that could be perfect for your dreams as a home gardener. Contact us today or explore our store online to discover your deep gardening sink.