Modern Farmhouse Design: What it Means for Your Home and Kitchen

March 27, 2020

Modern Farmhouse Design: What it Means for Your Home and Kitchen

Modern Farmhouse Design: What it Means for Your Home and Kitchen


You don't need to be a farmer to enjoy the practical benefits and striking aesthetics of modern farmhouse design. When you incorporate this style in your home, you're showing your relaxed enthusiasm for country comfort with a minimalist twist. Your home will feel natural yet refined. The modern farmhouse design allows you to blend your rustic instincts with your modern spirit.

What Does it Mean to Be Modern Farmhouse?

Modern farmhouse is a newer take on the classic farmhouse design. With classic farmhouse, a home feels warm and comfortable because of the traditional furniture and mix-and-match look of different materials. When you modernize the classic farmhouse look, you still have the down-home comfort with less clutter and more sophisticated simplicity.

Characteristics of Modern Farmhouse Design

  • Focus on function over style
  • Neutral colors
  • Clean lines
  • Simple wooden furniture balanced out with plush, comfy counterparts
  • Industrial-inspired pieces
  • Light fixtures with an iron look
  • Items that are used take priority over decorative items

What Works Well in a Modern Farmhouse Kitchen?

A kitchen designed in the modern farmhouse style achieves a balance of sophistication and warmth. It's a kitchen that features modern conveniences in a rustic, inviting atmosphere. Here are some specific details that you might want to incorporate into your modern farmhouse kitchen:

  • natural wood tones mixed with white and black
  • barn beams on the ceiling
  • copper light fixtures
  • barn-inspired doors on the pantry
  • a mix of metals on appliances and fixtures
  • x-braces on the sides of an island
  • reclaimed wood for open shelving
  • distressed wood for a rustic accent
  • a Fossil Blu farmhouse sink

Why Choose a Fossil Blu Sink for Your Modern Farmhouse Kitchen?

We build sinks that will last a long time. They are constructed from strong materials: pure fireclay and pure copper. These farmhouse sinks are meant to be used, and they will endure year after year. Like the modern farmhouse design, our sinks are the perfect balance between practicality and sophistication. They look thoroughly modern and will grace your kitchen with their elegant design. They are also very practical. You can't buy a better sink. 

If you are remodeling your kitchen in a modern farmhouse design, please contact us. We'll be happy to help you choose a farmhouse sink that will be perfect for your kitchen.

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