Open Shelving: How to Create a Clean Look
August 06, 2020

Open Shelving: How to Create a Clean Look

Open Shelving: How to Create a Clean Look


Open shelving is a very popular design feature of kitchen cabinetry. You may love the style, but then wonder how to create a clean, cohesive look while so much is exposed. Read the tips below to get a better understanding of how to create a neat, stylish look with open shelving.

Color Coordinate

Choose one dominant color and a couple of secondary colors that match your kitchen color scheme and design, and coordinate these colors into the open shelves.

For example, if you have cobalt blue dishware, you could place glasses in a central shelf, along with plates, bowls, saucers, and other pieces on the outer shelves, which will tie everything together and create a neat appearance.

Your secondary color could be silver tone if you have stainless steel pieces you want to store in the shelves, or you could place mixing bowls that match the color of the walls or flooring.

Group Items

Clean looks with open shelving involve grouping the same, or very similar, items together on each shelf. You don't necessarily have to place all dishes next to one another, but one shelf should be reserved for plates, one for glasses, and so forth.

Stacked items also help to make open shelves look clean and organized.

Space Items

When you place your grouped items into the shelves, it's important to be mindful of spacing. Space larger items in the center of the open space, and arrange small items like you're arranging a curio cabinet. Using stands is a great way to space items with depth, which adds interest to a shelving space.

Add Decor

Choose several shelves and reserve them for decorative pieces that attract the eyes. Spaces next to large cookware or basic secondary colors are a great option because it puts emphasis on the decorative pieces, rather than the utility pieces. Keep in mind your color coordination, groupings, and spaces, and fill-in with decor as needed.

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