Your Ultimate Guide To New "Vintage" Kitchen Looks
November 05, 2021

Your Ultimate Guide To New "Vintage" Kitchen Looks

Your Ultimate Guide To New "Vintage" Kitchen Looks


Do you find vintage-looking kitchens appealing? Or do you want to try out a new vintage look in your kitchen? Well, whether you are building a new home or remodeling your old one, there are a couple of different and creative vintage looks you can try out. You don't want your kitchen to look like what everybody has. 

So, what new touches can you give your kitchen, and how do you do it?

Vintage Kitchen Look Ideas 

You can give your kitchen a breathtaking vintage look by adding antique elements to the room. Vintage style is trendy these days because it gives the impression that everything was made with love. So, if you have been looking for a way to add this kind of touch to your kitchen, here are some ideas you can consider:

Add Antique Hardware

Antique hardware is something that every homeowner should have in their house. It's not only beautiful but also adds a lot of charm to any space. Try using them as;

  • Knobs on cabinet doors,
  • Farmhouse sink,
  • Drawer pulls, and
  • Faucets. 

Also, try giving each piece a unique look, so no two pieces are alike. For instance, adding antique hardware to your kitchen will give it a touch of sophistication and elegance.

Go For Vintage Lighting

Another great idea is to replace all existing lights with energy-efficient ones. Remove those standard fluorescent bulbs you were using and put up pendants instead. 

Now, you can finally enjoy natural light in your kitchen. This design works so well because you can easily change the fixtures whenever you feel like doing so.

Choose the Right Tile Design

The tile design in your kitchen is crucial because it sets the ambiance of the whole room. Remember that the tiles should complement both the flooring in your kitchen and your walls; otherwise, they won't work correctly. You can pick a color that matches the kind of sink you have in the kitchen. 

Another thing you'd better focus on is the color scheme. For instance, dark colors might seem to blend perfectly with dark wood countertops and cabinets, while bright colors, on the other hand, will clash with a white tiled backsplash.

Replace Door Knobs With Handles

Old kitchen door knobs tend to be very difficult to reach. To fix this problem, try replacing them with pull handles instead. You can find these handles in different designs, sizes, and finishes. 

For example, one option available is brass pulls. Since ancient times, brass has been a traditional material for door handles, adding character to the doors.

Keep It Simple With Wooden Flooring

There's no doubt that wooden floors look great in a kitchen. However, they're not always practical. In particular, wood tends to collect dust and dirt quickly, making cleaning harder. 

In addition, water can seep through the cracks in hardwood floors, leading to damage. As such, you need to carefully choose the type of wood you use before installing it. Before making any hasty decisions, ask a professional first.

Bring In A Touch of Nature Here And There

While decorating your kitchen, note that nature isn't solely confined to living rooms. Kitchen plants bring a particular element of tranquility and beauty into the space. These plants also provide oxygen and enhance the air quality of your kitchen. 

Plus, they add a touch of greenery here and there, making the place more spacious and open. If you already have house plants, then OK! But if not, consider getting some new ones.

What To Consider When Adding a Vintage Look in Your Kitchen

Now that you have ideas of what you can do to achieve a unique vintage look, what do you need to consider as you actualize the vintage look? Here is a list of five considerations:

  1. The right design will help you achieve a retro feel, but vintage doesn't necessarily mean rustic. Depending on your style preferences, you can opt for something that mimics antique furniture pieces. Or perhaps you'd like a modern piece that echoes mid-century aesthetics. 
  2. Choose fabrics and materials wisely. When choosing fabrics, think about the entire room and how each item will fit in with the others. For example, will a red rug go well with the white walls? Then again, a dark brown carpet could complement the light wood flooring.
  3. Consider the accessories. Think about adding extra shelving systems near the stove if you typically cook many meals there. Likewise, if you love to entertain guests frequently, adding additional bar stools will create better seating options in the dining area.
  4. Create a mood board. A mood board is an excellent way to visualize your desired décor. While planning out what elements you want to include, pay careful attention to colors and textures. It will ensure you end up with the perfect vintage look.

Make sure the look works within your budget. After all, vintage is not cheap. So when setting expectations, don't expect everything to come easy.

Go Vintage With Fossil Blu

Fossil Blu is here to help you give your kitchen a stunning vintage look effortlessly. 

Get in touch with us today for more ideas and help give your kitchen the vintage look it deserves.