26 Inch Flat-Front Fireclay Sinks

Designed for prep-stations, kitchenettes and small-layout kitchens, Fossil Blu’s 26-inch-class fireclay sinks make the most of their narrow width.  The apron (sink-front) measurement of 25-3/4” x 9-7/8” still allows for the timeless rectangular architecture of the farmhouse sink, while staying within the given space limitations. And because our 26” sink boasts an interior front-to-back length of 17-1/2”, you can still expect a comfortable workspace that is likely much bigger than the sink you’re replacing.  See specification sheet (below) for spec data and dimensional line art.  As a natural product, minor variances in dimensions may occur.  QA tolerances are held at +/- 2%.

Our most popular choice for the sink apron, Fossil Blu’s flat-front fireclay farmhouse sinks provide a clean and classic look to updated kitchens.  With no imprint, the rectangular shape is itself the design... a muted elegance, allowing for other kitchen elements to share the spotlight.  Our flat-front fireclay sinks feature soft edges and a supple appearance to the front, characteristic of the natural fireclay material underneath.  At 7/8” thickness, it presents as a contemporary sink and is therefore a neutral fit in a variety of kitchen themes.  The left and right sides of the sink are fully finished, allowing for any install depth.  We generally recommend 1-1/2” to 2” of the sink to be exposed on the left and right sides.