10 Incredible Ideas for Decorating with Wicker and Rattan
October 04, 2021

10 Incredible Ideas for Decorating with Wicker and Rattan

10 Incredible Ideas for Decorating with Wicker and Rattan

The Bohemian-Industrial Revolution in Interior Design

Bohemian is back! In the last ten years, we have seen some interesting changes in homeowner style and preference. This year, the hottest rising trends embody both the bohemian decoration style and classic exposed industrial.

The interesting and warm place where the two styles meet is wicker and rattan. The mesh and woven patterns created by wicker decor combine perfectly with the mixed-metal mesh and lattice of current industrial style trends.

Today's trends are replacing cabinet doors with peek-a-boo rattan, often called cane and metal grates. We are seeing reclaimed and mixed-metal light fixtures, exposed pipes and bricks, and a surprising rise in beautiful wicker design which softens the industrial with that classic boho style.

The bohemian-industrial design trend is taking homeowners by storm as we see the following trends come into the spotlight:

  • Warm Wicker
  • Mixed Metal Finishes
  • Found and Upcycled Art
  • Exposed Brick and Pipes
  • Lattice and Mesh
  • Diffuse Light and Creative Fixtures

10 Incredible Ideas for Decorating with Wicker and Rattan

1. The Hanging Wicker Chair

Perhaps the one bohemian detail that few can resist is the hanging wicker chair. This scoop-shaped chair is like a hanging Papasan in comfort and is the quintessential definition of carefree vacation - or the perfect addition to any teenager's loft-style bedroom.

The hanging wicker chair looks best when the shade of the wicker blends well into the rest of your room design, matching other wood tones or warm metal finishes of a similar shade. The pillows and throws you load into the hanging chair will also help it stylistically set the stage.


2. Dynamic Design with Wicker-Woven Patterns

Did you know that wicker isn't all the same? There are so many ways to bend reeds and soft woods into wicker. You've likely seen the solid woven type, but what about beautifully braided wicker, wicker that forms a geometric mesh, or curled wicker in the form of floral designs?

When designing in wicker and rattan (something wicker can be made of) room, you can choose many ways to weave and sculpt the wood for a look that is more personal and creative than the classic bulk of old wicker.


3. Lightweight Wicker in the Breakfast Nook

Wicker is the best material for lightweight, small-footprint furniture that is still welcoming and comfortable. A sunny kitchen is the perfect place for a wicker dining set. Wicker dining chairs are extremely lightweight yet sturdy and comfy, with or without a cushion depending on the weave.

A wicker-and-glass or warm wood table is the perfect place to share a sun-warmed breakfast with family or finish homework in the evening without taking up too much space.


4. Hanging Rattan Pendant Lights

Diffused light and boho-industrial lighting are extremely popular right now. Mix the metal finishes of your fixtures for a modern art effect. Rattan lights can be shaped into orbs and far more unique shapes to provide diffused light in a bohemian style.

Rattan lights are very creative today, ranging from an elegant and simple pendant to mobile-style chandeliers that rotate like a model solar system with individual rattan orbs around each bulb.


5. Nursery Wicker Design

Wicker is a wonderful choice for the nursery, a room that will needs to grow and change with your baby. Wicker is soft and safe to fall against, while providing sturdy and useful nursery furniture and storage.

A wicker changing table with lightweight drawers for baby clothes and diaper supplies is not just cute, it's also easy to work with and easy to move in a year or two.

Wicker toddler furniture is comfy, affordable, and doesn't hurt if you catch a little chair in the shin. Wicker also makes a great latch-top toy chest that's light and safe for a toddler to operate, and keeps perfectly for growing children or passed on to younger siblings.


6. Coordinated Wicker Storage

Storage in wicker is an easy and elegant way to coordinate the household storage areas. Invest in a big collection of wicker baskets, totes, and lidded boxes with comfy handles and closed stopes.

If you need more sizes and shapes, just match your wicker finish and everything will look like you had a personal designer come in to organize your things. From storing the linens to organizing the game controllers, wicker storage is a lightweight and stylish way to unify your home storage solution.


7. Contrast Pale Wicker with Dark Walls & Cabinets

One style we are loving with this wicker come-back is contrast. Choose a pale wicker finish and set it against dark-painted walls or cabinets. A wicker headboard looks striking against a dark bedroom wall, giving you the perfect opportunity to personalize with the design or weave of the wicker you choose.

Rattan mesh, also known as cane is becoming a popular insert for dark-painted cabinets, creating an almost steampunk mesh look that blends perfectly with your industrial accents and mixed metal finishes.


8. Spice Up the Couch with Rattan Foot Rests

Rattan footrests are festive and hollow, making them easy to position and comfortably springy to rest upon. They make great interim seating for small family members and kick easily into place when it's time to relax with your feet up.

These reed-woven poofs are rigid enough to provide support but springy enough to be entertaining and comfortable. Add a splash of bohemian charm to your existing furniture with natural, lightweight footrests and end-tables.


9. Twisted Rope Frames for Art and Mirrors

Often, the biggest challenge with bohemian decor are the little details. You can hang a wicker chair and install beautiful rattan light fixtures, but what about your wall decorations?

The perfect touch might just be a woven rope frame, bringing natural fibers and a smooth woven pattern to the wall as well as your furniture and fixtures. 

You can also embrace the boho side of industrial style by making every frame unique. Salvage antique frames or make frames from upcycled materials that blend beautifully with your interior color palette and free-spirit approach to trending home design.


10. New Twist on Wicker Patios

Last but not least, wicker still belongs on the patio. For as long as we can remember, grandmothers have had heavy wicker chairs and loveseats as part of their front porch or back patio family space.

Whether you knew seats that were used regularly by friends and family or those that collected leaves year after year, it's hard to shake this traditional vision of wicker patio furniture.

But it's a new decade and wicker is seeing a revitalization through bohemian-style design. This means lighter furniture, more airy weaving styles instead of traditional bulk, and a more enlightened approach to outdoor living. Today's outdoor wicker furniture designs are are as innovative as they are warm in the sunshine.


Are you looking for new, creative ways to use wicker and rattan in your boho-industrial home design? Contact us today!