6 Kitchen Layering Textures You Should Have in 2021
February 12, 2021

6 Kitchen Layering Textures You Should Have in 2021

6 Kitchen Layering Textures You Should Have in 2021


Layering, color palettes, background, glazed, quartz, granite, inlaid, fringed, illuminated, tiling, texturing, and so on, are all buzzwords in interior design.  But the idea of design is to kick the monotony out of living spaces. 

It's easy to get lost in functionality with kitchens. Most of us fall for the traditional rhythm of leaving kitchen decor to smooth and glossy surfaces. But the interior decor world is like fashion. There'll always be a need for remodeling.

We'll look at texturing for kitchens and how to add a modern, trendy vibe to one of your most intimate living spaces.

The Bottom Line about Texturing

In interior décor, texturing is a smart way of combining feel and visuals to add life to the drab decor. It's the epitome of arousing visual interest in a space. 

You achieve this by adding different types of layering. This layering involves textiles, materials, colors, and metals. For example, you can throw a blanket on a couch or add a coffee table made of wood and metal instead of just wood. You can also display animal faux heads on a shelf instead of photos alone.

Texturing is a way of matching opposite elements to beat the sameness that creates lifelessness-- and for the kitchen, texturing may just be the magic you're missing to create a perfect finish.

How to 'Texture' your Kitchen

Kitchen texturing transforms your kitchen décor from smooth and glossy surfaces to attractive. We've compiled several hacks for you to consider.

1. Vintage Rugs and Runners

Does your floor really have to be bare with nothing interesting except the floor color or pattern? Not in 2021! Kitchens come with narrow spaces that are easy to forget. Adding a vintage carpet brings a different appeal. Additionally, vintage rugs and runners are beautifully patterned. It's hard for anyone walking in to miss them. Choose a color pattern that matches the walls. For example, a light brown and white pattern works well with white walls. 

2. Showcasing Collections on Counter tops

In a normal kitchen setting, the countertop material also runs into the backsplash. If you have stone or ceramic tiles, contrast that with a display of wooden chopping boards. You can stack them from the biggest to the smallest or play around with different shapes for the best results.

Add a bowl of fruit on the countertop for a flawless pop of color. Better still; introduce a wooden wine glass rack to accessorize an empty wall. 

3. Backsplash Art

Ceramic backsplashes are still a thing if you drop the 60's floral patterns for modern ones. You can replace them with metal tiles arranged diagonally instead of straight and square. Glass tiles ooze class while natural stones bring in more character.

In case you want to go Tuscan, choose cream tiles and a tile medallion. This idea works by interrupting the normal tile arrangement on the backsplash, with a bold medallion placed within a centerpiece of diagonally arranged tiles. 

4. Mixed Metal Finishes

Metal finishes are all about combining with other materials to achieve a unique vision. There are many metal variants to choose from including, chrome, copper, and stainless steel. Consider how the tone and style of the metal you choose works with the cabinets, countertops, and even the floor. 

Gold faucets, for instance, work perfectly with reclaimed wood while chrome accentuates white tiling. Avoid metal tones that compete with the color palette. It's safer to choose whites or other earthy tones when you want metal finishing.

You can also choose to have mixed metal material for an exquisite kitchen ambiance. For example, if you choose plum for the cabinets, use brushed brass for the handles and contrast that with chrome countertop hardware and sink. 

5. Texturing With Wood

Let's say your kitchen is all modern with bright greys and bright lighting. While this creates a clean sleek look, it can be too much and uninteresting. Consider adding contrast by using wood on the countertops all the way to the island top.

You can play around with the idea and line your cabinets with the same wood on your kitchen stools or use the wood on the floor for the countertops. 

Another idea is to use natural stone countertops in a starkly bright modern kitchen. The natural stone countertops provide a rustic feel, breaking the monotony of a starkly modern feel. 

Perhaps you have dark chocolate wooden cabinets and don't want to change them. You can always make the rest of the kitchen 'agree' with them in a subtle way. Ensure you get much brighter countertops and then choose a lighter brown flooring. 

6. 'Kitchen Gallery'

The idea here is not to store your artwork in the kitchen but to spruce it with the art. You could start with turning storage baskets in to kitchen art instead of using plain boxes.  Carefully choose the material, color and shape to texture your kitchen. For example, bamboo storage boxes will do great on antique kitchen cabinets.

Open shelving provides an open space to display decorative urns, framed drawings or actual family photos, china, charming flower vases, etc. 

If you're more artistic, don't be shy about transforming one of your sidewalls in to a chalk board. You can also hang a mural, especially on an expansive wall.

Another great space to hang art is around the windows. Ensure the art doesn't eat up the rest of the décor. If the art piece colors are loud, make sure the rest of the kitchen is toned down and vice versa. Keep it simple but refreshing.

How Lighting Accentuates your Kitchen Decor

Lighting is hardly a DIY thing-unless you're a lighting expert. But there's more to it than providing light. You can opt for yellowish rustic light, bright white or even colored lighting for events. 

A lighting expert will provide ambient, task and accent lighting for your kitchen. While ambient lighting works as the main source, task lighting illuminates the cabinets and working surfaces, so you can cook.

Accent lighting lights up smaller spaces in your kitchen like under cabinets and so on accentuating existing design. Pendant lighting not only lights up the island area but is a chance to play around with cool metal finishes. 

How to Get Dope Kitchen Designs

Your kitchen is not all about food. We'd like to help you transform it into an elegant and beautiful space. Contact us to start the transformation. We'll be glad to help.