7 Techniques to Decorate Your Home with Tall Potted Plants
April 27, 2023

7 Techniques to Decorate Your Home with Tall Potted Plants

House plants are a wonderful way to bring natural elements into your home with a splash of green and more fresh oxygen with every breath. From elephant ears and snake plants to the majestic fiddle leaf fig, tall house plants can be perfect for both indoor and outdoor planter gardens. These lovely potted pets have vivid green leaves and grow vertically without taking the shape of a bush or tree. The leaves make a lovely statement wherever a tall house plant is placed and add a touch of natural color to any room. Potted plants can be small enough to keep on a desk, but their preferred height makes them perfect for an accent or alcove space.

The right placement and care of a potted plant (or five) can help your home to feel fresh and uplifting as you design a beautiful space around your living centerpiece. It grows happily in a medium sized planter. The fluffy leaves can fill an entire corner of your room or grow to the ideal size for side tables and pedestal planters. 

Of course, some of the most beautiful potted plants also "divas" when it comes to care. If you've noticed dropping leaves, that's your plant letting you know that it's sensitive to its growth environment. Today, we're here to share useful tips for both decorating with popular potted plants in your home to provide an eye-catching element of natural decor.

  1. Direct vs Indirect Sunlight

Every plant has a unique preference for sunlight. The fiddle leaf fig is one of those sensitive plants that needs plenty of sunlight, but not directly on its leaves. North-facing windows are the best because they can provide full sunlight during the day without shedding warm rays directly on the tender leaves. However, some plants need more or less sunlight, and you can often tell by the color and perkiness of the leaves whether each potted plant is getting the right amount.

Plants that enjoy indirect light give you the ideal opportunity to place your fiddle leaf in an alcove near a window, but not directly in the sunbeam's path. A potted plant can thrive with just enough sunlight to grow, but not enough to scorch the leaves.

  1. Create an Accent Space Around Your Plants

The most beautiful home potted plant placement is not just set in a corner, but in a space designed to support it. An archway, unused doorway, or nook often looks wonderful, but you can also frame your fiddle leaf fig in other ways. You might choose to flank your plant in elegant bookcases to create a leafy reading nook or paint your accent wall in a way that really spotlights where you place your beautiful natural display. 

  1. The Perfect Potting Mix and Dry Soil with Excellent Drainage

The need for nutrients and good drainage defines the type of potting soil is best for your fiddle leaf fig.  You can buy the perfect potting mix with a premium blend designed for fiddle leaf figs or you can make your own. DIY potting soil for fiddle leaf figs should be made with a blend of soil, coco coir, husk, perlite, and activated charcoal.

Many potted plants need plenty of water, but like moderately dry and well-drained soil. Drainage is the most important element of healthy roots for your plant which means airy soil and a well-perforated planter with a water tray. Learn the right watering schedule and how to touch-test the moisture in each pot's soil.

If your potted plants become too soggy or too dry, or you feel the need to re-pot, simply place the entire root-ball into a large farmhouse sink (or a bucket if your sink is too small) and rebuild your potting soil mix from scratch.

  1. Place a Decorative Saucer Below

One of the best things you can do for your decor and your house plant cleanliness is to place a decorative saucer below your plant's pot. This allows not only for draining and airing the soil, but also adds one more lovely accent piece to your space. You don't have to settle for a typical plastic garden saucer. Instead, check out the local second-hand stores, pottery workshops, or farmers' markets for a lovely piece that fits the purpose but with handmade charm. A matching cover-pot might be the perfect upgrade to your plants' original potted containers.

Water will evaporate from the saucer, allowing the soil to reach ideal moisture without pooling water in the bottom. If you have pets, you may want to set the plant and saucer on a small riser to prevent your pets from drinking fertilizer-rich water.

  1. Feed Your Plants in the Right Season

The spring and summer are the best times to fertilize many indoor potted plants to promote new branch and leaf growth. The best fertilizer balance for a fiddle leaf fig is a 3-1-2 ratio of NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium), but this ratio will vary depending on what you choose to grow.

The right mix will promote the healthiest and most energetic growth from your potted plants each year. Blend your fertilizer mix into the potting soil with your fiddle leaf fig so that the roots can access the fertilizer nutrients.

  1. Prune, Notch, and Pinch to Promote Growth

The best way to promote specific growth and influence the shape of your elegant potted plants is by pruning. Use shears or a sharp knife to mark or clip your bush. Notching with two 45-degree cuts in a node has up to 50% chance of starting a new branch. Pinching is clipping the very top of your plants to encourage branching instead of a straight stalk. These methods can be used to promote new growth and encourage your plant to grow where and how you please.

Some potted plants can be propagated (new plants grown) using the trimmings when you prune. Your farmhouse sink is a great place to work on smaller gardening tasks while containing the mess of trimmings, soil, and repotting.

  1. Bring In More Plants to Continue the Theme

If you love the look of your solitary potted plant preening in its accent corner or alcove, then it might be time to upgrade your houseplant designs. Those who discover they have a green thumb and a talent for diva beauties may delight in adding more plants around the house in artful locations. Tucked into bookshelves, sunning on the breakfast table, or brightening the home office - a theme of green throughout your home is naturally uplifting and creates a sense of unity with your original accent space.

Embracing Home Gardening with Fossil Blue Farmhouse Sinks

Potted plants can be a beautiful and vibrant way to bring natural elements into your home, but also finicky about their care. If you have a talent for tending a lovely living accent space, don't be shy about expanding your indoor plants and potted patio garden. Decorating with live plants is a rewarding hobby that comes with many beautiful opportunities. Plus, you can change out your decor seasonally with color-changing plants or by gifting your nurtured flowers and starting over with a new palette of blossoms around the house.

Here at Fossil Blu, we have worked with many gardeners who love their farmhouse sink as the perfect place to take care of plants with no countertop mess. Wash out large plant pots, handle repotting, and even allow a recently unpotted root ball to remain moist as you prepare the next pot in the depths of a well-placed farmhouse sink. If you need a new farmhouse sink in your kitchen or in a private gardening space, we would be delighted to help you choose and install the right one. To learn more delightful home decorating tips and tricks, contact us today.