8 Great Ways to Decorate with Planters in Your Kitchen Design

July 19, 2021

8 Great Ways to Decorate with Planters in Your Kitchen Design

8 Great Ways to Decorate with Plants in Your Kitchen Design


Bring your kitchen to life with living greenery. From herb gardens to blooming flowers, home chefs often find the vibrancy of living plants can finally make a clean kitchen feel warm and complete. Quirky cacti or flowing vines make all the difference. Something about sharing your space with a live little plant can make the whole space more alive. Checking on your flowers or herbs, watching them grow, and seeing the enthusiasm of each new reaching leaf is just a little heart-warming.

But where is the best place to bring a planter into your kitchen design? A little potted plant is cute enough, but you may want something more permanent. Planters are typically larger (and more rectangular) than single-plant pots, designed to grow a row of plants instead of just one sprout. The great thing about a planter in the kitchen is that you can build in or emplace a rectangular planter almost anywhere - if you know what you're doing.

Let's dive into the best places to design a living planter into your beautiful new kitchen.


1. In the Sunny Windowsill

Many kitchens have a sunny window that warms the kitchen at exactly the right time of day. Because plants live on sunlight and water, naturally your windowsill is the perfect starting place for where to emplace your planter. You can find a planter that sits attractively in the windowsill or you can even have a planter built into the window to soak up the maximum sun.

Not only will your plants get a healthy ray of sunbeams, you also can enjoy your greenery glowing in the warm rays as added beauty to your kitchen.


3. Along Behind the Sink Faucet

Where is the most clever and useful way to sneak a planter into your kitchen design? Try behind the sink faucet. This is a space that is forever getting damp and catching extra sprays of water when you're washing. Choose a water-loving plant and emplace a planter in the counter just behind your new farmhouse sink and faucet.

Not only will you see a lovely view of greenery when you're washing and doing meal preparations, your plants are also sure to get plenty of water as part of your new trendy sink ensemble.


4. Hanging from the Ceiling

Hanging baskets and pot handle hooks are a popular choice for kitchens, especially kitchens with a tempting ceiling or limited storage. There are all sorts of things you can hang from your kitchen ceiling to put them decoratively in the 'upper' air space and handily in reach. Your kitchen garden is no exception.

Use hanging planters from a wide range of styles to make your kitchen beautiful with dripping greenery. Grow rosemary and break off your own stalks for cooking. Or grow a trumpet flower vine and greet each morning with brilliant blossoms. You can suspend rectangular planters in rows or square planters at aesthetically off-angles. Or you might seek rounded symmetry with circular planters stacked in ever-smaller planter baskets hanging from the ceiling.


5. Down the Center of Your Island

One of the more creative and inherent planter placements is a living groove down the center of your island. Consider the beauty and unique grace of a beautiful line of greenery down your island. You can grow one solid uniform plant or a bursting kitchen garden from this unusual planter location. At the same time, it will be a cinch to keep your island planters watered with he sink so nearby. 

Choose plants that don't need direct sunlight and can thrive on the warm glow of the kitchen overhead lights. You can even set up automated watering from a bar sink or just a slow-draining vase of water. If you love to garden and want plants right in your kitchen, an embedded island planter is a bold and beautiful choice that brings living plant life into your cooking experience every day. Not to mention looking great for any entertainment cooking you might do.


6. Between-Counter Grow Lights

Those overhead cabinets cast some pretty serious shadows, but they could be shining light instead.

Planters with their own just-above grow lights are very popular for self-contained gardening right now. You can find mini planters with little grow-lamps installed in the structure or buy your own overhead grow lights for non-windowsill plants.  Of course, this opens the door to one of the cleverest kitchen planter solutions: Planters on the countertop with growlights mounted in the underside of the upper cabintes.

With grow lights looking down on your little kitchen plants, they won't need a windowsill and sunshine to thrive. As a bonus, your under-cabinet grow lights can also illuminate your countertop work that would usually be cast into shadows with an overhead light blocked by your body around the perimeter.


7. In Mason Jar Deco

Not everyone knows that you can grow living plants in a jar of water. An elegant vase or industrial mason jar can be used to create a beautiful display of garden plants in your kitchen. If you have an empty shelf ready to be on display or want an island centerpiece decoration, consider a cluster of water-root plants whose roots are floating in water while the tops are green and beautiful Some even keep a curious root-nibbling fish in the vase.


8. Hooked From Cabinet Doors

You can also spread out your garden and planters throughout the kitchen. One of the best (and easiest to install) ways to do this is with hooked planters over the top of each cabinet door. When the cabinet opens, the planter swings with it. Every hooked shelf allows for one or two more pots along your row of cabinet doors.


Here at Fossil Blu, we have a great deal of experience with kitchen design and remodel. As experts in sink installation, we've also learned more than a little about plantlife and kitchen house plants. For more great insights on fun, original, and smart ways to design your kitchen or expand your indoor greenery, contact us today! We look forward to working with you.

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