Colorful Appliances are the Hottest Trend in Kitchen Design
July 02, 2021

Colorful Appliances are the Hottest Trend in Kitchen Design

Colorful Appliances are the Hottest Trend in Kitchen Design


Kitchen trends come and go but appliances stay the same: or so we thought. Usually, when we talk about stylistic kitchen updates, we're talking about the cabinets, countertops, light fixtures, and even the floor, but not the appliances. Why? Because appliances have been stainless-steel and white enamel for decades. It's been nearly half a century of sleek chromed appliances as the definition of a modern and luxurious kitchen. But today's designs are venturing outside the stainless-steel box.


The Return of Vibrant Color Appliances

In a surprising surge of vibrant creativity, colorful appliances are back! Today, vibrant colors, subtle hues, and center-stage stoves are the hottest trend in kitchen design. The latest way to make a splash in your kitchen while bringing the whole design together is a color appliance that takes the stage as a key point in kitchen design. Instead of your stove and fridge being the chromed pillars of kitchen design, they are finally taking the spotlight as the vibrant color splash in a bold new wave of kitchen designs.


Complimentary Kitchen Fixtures

The trend of colorful mixed metals and metal hues led the way for color appliances. Today, with color appliances taking center stage, fixtures have become a wonderful way to accent the vivid or subtle colors of your larger appliances. Faucets and kitchen sinks, light fixtures and even cabinet handles can add to the splash-of-color palette you are creating.


Elegant Modern Hued Finishes

Dipping your toe in the water of appliance color with subtle yet breathtaking design? Try a tinted stainless steel design. A light color finish over stainless steel can give it a glowing hue in your kitchen's color palette. Consider a stove that shines blue in the light to match your cool-palette or coastal kitchen. Or a stove that shines red to bring that feeling of almost-gold luxury to your home gourmet kitchen.


Enthroned Imperial Style Stove

Of course, the leading style is the imperial stove. Victorian flash is back in style with ornate gold-knobbed stove controls and ornately fashioned oven doors. Imperial style stoves always come in a vibrant color like brilliant red or royal blue. These stoves are designed to take the center spotlight of your kitchen design, to be the star of your show with the rest of your kitchen rolling out to either side of it's gloriously enameled magesty. If you want a stove fit for royalty, the latest appliance color trend rolls out the red carpet.


The Retro Color Splash

The other side of the colorful appliance trend is the return of 50s and 60s retro ktichens. Pastels and vivid playful colors from the past are bringing retro kitchens to life with a splash of retro color. Color stove and fridge sets are designed to remind you of that historic coziness of decades past. Retro kitchens feature a thick enamel style for the stove and round-topped fridges, some with the traditional chrome lever handles. If you love the rockabilly charm and want a retro kitchen, now is the perfect time to find those beautiful enameled appliances to complete your design.


Modern Industrial Color Splash

Of course, retro isn't the only color-splash kitchen design. Extremely modern and even industrial kitchens are often made whole by the perfect splash of color. You don't have to rely on the light fixtures and backsplashes alone, anymore. Bring that color vibrancy to your modern kitchen design with a color stove and vividly matching hood. Create a fun palette by choosing different bright colors for the dishwasher, stove, and fridge. Or unify your industrial design by painting the chairs, stove, and door all the same bright splash of color.


Rich Color in a Warm Kitchen

Colored stoves also look uniquely at-home in a warm farmhouse or cottage style kitchen. Darker and warmer cabinet finishes of natural wood hues can make a red, orange, or yellow stove look right at home. A cottage kitchen with a color-splash palette already established can also welcome a splash of color in the stove like a navy blue or dusty rose.

The warmer and more vibrant your kitchen is, the more natural a color-finished appliance will look in its midts. Choose an appliance color that blends with your kitchen instead of contrasting to create a more complete and welcoming room design.


Gentle Dust-Hues Warm a Stark Kitchen

Dust hues are gentle colors that encourage relaxation instead of grabbing the eye. The color of a moss-green, overcast blue, and dusty rose are all wonderful examples of dust-hues that look great in your kitchen. Moss green and dust blue kitchens are among the leading cool-color palettes because they are gentle and yet still bring that warmth of color to kitchen design.

You can also find stoves, fridges, and other appliances in these colors as the appliance color trend rises. Extend your kitchen's gentle color palette by making the stove part of your tableau.


Your Kitchen, Your Style, Your Colors

The best thing, of course, about the latest trend in appliance colors is personalization. As a homeowner, you have a wonderful right to make the kitchen your own. You can remodel, redesign, and reinstall until the kitchen is a perfect place for you. It's your kitchen and can therefore reflect your style and even your favorite colors.

With color coming back to the kitchen, you can make your kitchen a favorite. Pick your personal favorite color for the palette or choose a palette you've always personally loved in room design. You decide how the stove and fridge play a part in your kitchen colors.


Color-Splash Appliances and Long-Term Design

If you're wondering about color appliances in long-term design, we say "Good question!" It's true that bringing more personality into a design can narrow your pool of buyers, but you can also plan for the future. Choose a color-splash design that feels timeless before you add your personalizing touches like light fixtures, chairs, and decor.  Bring your kitchen to life For more insights on kitchen trends and vivid fixtures for your kitchen design, contact us today!