Does Your Kitchen Need a Refresh? Modest Budget Remodel Ideas
August 02, 2021

Does Your Kitchen Need a Refresh? Modest Budget Remodel Ideas

Does Your Kitchen Need a Refresh? Modest Budget Remodel Ideas


When it comes time for a kitchen remodel, you may not have a large nest-egg to spend on a full tear-down and rebuild renovation. Fortunately, you don't need that kind of investment. Kitchens can be updated and redecorated with many clever and budget-friendly resurfacing techniques. No need to rebuild the cabinetry when you can repaint the cabinets. No need to install a new island when a modified upcycled table will serve your purposes perfectly. 

There are dozens of ways to refresh your kitchen without overspending your renovation budget.  Let's dive into the right strategy for lasting improvements on a modest budget.


Budget-Friendly Upgrades Go a Long Way

The great thing about strategic renovations is finding long-lasting upgrades at a bargain price. You can install new and beautiful backsplash tiles bought on on clearance from the manufacturer or use reclaimed wood for your rebuilt kitchen floor. You can repaint the walls and refinish the cabinets, You can reseal the countertop and replace the small hardware. You can also reinstall just one or two major aspects to change the look and feel of the entire kitchen - without going all-out on your budget.

When to Splurge vs Save in the Kitchen

Kitchen renovations are often defined by a strategic splurge. Splash out on a new countertop and the rest of your design may fall together. Replace a light fixture and see your kitchen in a whole new light. Look for the perfect opportunity to splurge - and chances to save on beautiful yet affordable improvements as well. The combination should come together into a budget-friendly kitchen redesign.


Refinish Your Cabinets

You don't have to reinstall new cabinets to transform the look and feel of your cabinetry. Try repainting your cabinets instead. Remove the doors and give your cabinets a professional refinishing in a new wood tone or a fresh coat of brilliant, room-defining paint. Remember that the color of your cabinets will likely shape the entire impression of your kitchen, as cabinets make a large visual part of any kitchen design. 

Refinish your cabinets to reinvent your kitchen with a surprisingly low price tag. For only the cost of paint and time, your kitchen can experience a serious design update.


Replace the Cabinet and Sink Hardware

Hardware often dates a home, from your faucet and handles to the drawer pulls on your cabinetry. Replace your cabinet handles and the plumbing hardware in your kitchen for a change in the accent pieces of your kitchen. These changes can alter the entire style of your kitchen based on the stylized details.  They are also extremely affordable when it comes to kitchen upgrades. 

Remove those old acrylic drawer pulls and plastic sink knobs. Replace them with the sleek modern style of mixed metals. Choose a minimalist squared-away style or ornate post-victorian. Mark your kitchen as cottage, modern, homestyle, or retro depending on the hardware and paint colors you choose.


Install a Table-Island

Installing an island is an often affordable and enjoyable way to upgrade your kitchen. You can install a full cabinetry island but you can also upcycle a sturdy wooden table to become your island-bar. Raise the legs of the table with blocks and add an under-shelf braced on the feet. Then bolt the feet of your table island to the floor or even use temporary adhesive for low-impact future changes to your kitchen design.

Your island can serve a diverse number of purposes in a newly designed kitchen. An island can be a workstation, cutting board, host another kitchen sink, or serve as a welcoming breakfast bar for the family.


Upgrade the Sink

If you're going to make one big change to your kitchen, consider a sink upgrade. So many kitchen sinks are too small and too shallow to really do their job. If you find yourself doing dishes, washing a baby, or conducting science experiments in the kitchen sink, you're going to want a lot of space. Give yourself that space with a farmhouse sink installation and a simple apron upgrade to your under-sink cabinet.

A larger kitchen sink is a gift to yourself that keeps on giving, and it can splash up your kitchen style in a uniquely useful way.


Re-Tile the Backsplashes

Backsplashes make a big impact on kitchen decor. Combined with the cabinets and the paint color on the walls, your backsplashes can serve as accent pieces or artistic centerpieces for the kitchen design. Both sink and stove often have a backsplash and matching them is a great way to pull your kitchen's design together. A quick retiling or application of a non-tile backsplash can help transform the look and feel of your kitchen.


Repaint the Walls and Trim

In the kitchen, your cabinet finish and wall paint define the color palette of the room. Your appliance finishes and countertop color define the secondary accents. Choose your wall colors carefully as they form the background of your entire kitchen design. Select a kitchen color that is both neutral and more profound than your average off-white. Bold blue-grays are very popular right now, as are dust-hues like dusty rose and stormy sky blue. Don't forget the trim. A bold trim in bright white or warm gold can give your kitchen a powerful and unique look.


Upgrade the Countertops

One of the best ways to upgrade a kitchen is to replace the countertop, especially if you have an older countertop that has seen better days. Butcher block is a beautiful and modestly priced countertop option, while granite has become the most affordable of the high-end solid stone countertop options.

Installing a new countertop is your ideal splurge-item for a budget kitchen remodel. It also gives you the opportunity to make essential changes to your kitchen design without a lot of carpentry costs. A new sink cutout, an embedded cutting board, power outlets, and other fun improvements can be added when you install a new countertop in your kitchen.


Replace the Cabinet Doors

Another very trendy and low-cost option is to replace your cabinet doors, but not the cabinets themselves. No need to tear out the structure, just find stylish new cabinet doors (in any paint color you choose) to spice up your kitchen. create a modern look with aluminum and frosted glass or a classic cottage look with artful glass embedded in each upper cabinet door. Install sleek minimalist doors or ornate baroque kitchen doors instead. Or just replace a few cabinet doors to create an artful asymmetrical effect.


Modernize Your Light Fixtures

Bring up the light levels and the beauty of your kitchen with new light fixtures. Many light fixtures are affordable yet artistic and the value of illumination is based on the bulb, not the fixture. You can even upcycle old light fixtures by refinishing the old surfaces into something new and beautiful.  Create a centerpiece pendant light over your island, but also consider strip lights lininng your shelves for some strategic workspace where a normal kitchen casts shadows.


Looking for smart and affordable ways to upgrade your kitchen? Explore our selection of farmhouse sinks as part of your budget kitchen update plants. Contact us to consult on the ideal kitchen renovation for your budget and your vision of a beautiful, and wonderfully useful kitchen.