Previewing the Top Interior Design Trends for 2023
December 29, 2022

Previewing the Top Interior Design Trends for 2023

Keeping your home or hospitality space on-trend each year can be relaxing, or it can be hard work. It all depends on what you prefer. Some love to tackle a new renovation project every year, some are just keeping tabs on how to paint the trim and which throw pillows are in season. In 2023, we are seeing an evolution of the design trends that took the spotlight after the work-at-home migration. Warm hues, natural and textured materials, and a holistic approach to design are all front and center, while some trends - like all-gray and all-white designs - are on their way out.

Here at Fossil Blu, our products are involved in many kitchen and home renovations every year, and we love to track the trends. If you are preparing your home for an invigorating new year as a family abode and hospitality hub, let's dive into the leading interior design trends for 2023.


1) Bohemian and Industrial Take the Stage

If you are looking for a rule-of-thumb on interior styles, we'd say that the current trends favor bohemian and industrial designs. Mixed metals are in, but so are cane and wicker furniture and a warmer, more natural look. Many homeowners and especially those who live in condos in the city are finding ways to incorporate the more industrial architectural styles like exposed bricks and ductwork to create an overall more homey and welcoming feel using bohemian accents.


2) Surprisingly Sustainable in Every Way

Eco-friendly has become more than a trend, it's a downright movement. From the way new homes are built to the individual pieces of artwork used to decorate a living room, styles favor the highly sustainable. Choosing art pieces with a low carbon footprint, furniture made of recycled materials, and home devices with a low energy profile are all delightful ways to add depth and on-trend detail to your interior design. Not to mention, it's still good for the planet.


3) Warm Honey Paint Tones

This year's paint colors leave cool grays and stark whites behind in favor of a warmer palette. Honey, cream, and ocher are in, as accents or for the color scheme of your entire home. Homes with warm wood trim or furniture will look best when combined with  honey hues that bring out the natural highlights in the wood or the depth of color in the stain. 

These warm hues are also being reflected in a preference for lighter and warmer wood in furnishings, along with cane, rattan, and wicker details following the bohemian textured trend. You will notice an increasing love of copper and bronze to accent these warm hues, and beaten copper pairs perfectly with the bohemian look.


4) Light and Airy Designs

Light up your spaces with sunlight or warm yellow LEDs. 2023 styles don't just favor warm colors, we also are loving warm, light-rich rooms that chase away gloomy corner shadows. Many homeowners are updating light fixtures so that gloomy homes feel sunny even on the cloudiest day. We are also seeing a preference for lighter furniture, leaving bulky armchairs and recliners behind for light cane chairs with vibrant or textured cushions.


5) Bold Stone Countertops

In 2023 kitchen design, bold countertops are in. True stone and manufactured stone countertops give any home a sense of luxury, but flat white and understated gray are phasing out in favor of colors that pop. Green and blue countertops with grains of gold or silver are hot, but any elegant stone countertop that catches the eye can become the gleaming centerpiece of your new kitchen.


6) Multipurpose: Built-In Storage and Hidden Features

"Multipurpose" is  term you may have seen often because homeowners are going wild for things that fold, slide, and hide. Pair the pre-pandemic tiny home trend with thousands of lockdown handicrafts and you have a population with a renewed love for hidden doors and murphy beds. The more creatively your home can reveal hidden compartments or fold down temporarily useful surfaces, the more you can delight your guests and visiting family. We are also seeing more efficient installations like deep farmhouse sinks that can do everything from washing babies to filling enormous family soup pots.


7) Organic and Natural Décor

It's not just Boho woven designs that have come into style, it's all types of organic and natural décor. Coffee tables made from slices of an ancient tree and countertops with natural rough edges are leading the trend. However, we are also seeing a rise in natural décor like wood sculptures, beautiful rocks, and locally gathered dry floral arrangements.

The mixed metal trends of 2022 are evolving to blend metals and even industrial-style features into a more tech-organic look throughout many homes and beautiful spaces.


8) Built-In Coffee and Kitchen Appliances

Smart homes are all the rage, but that's nothing new. What is new is the desire to build a beverage station directly into the wall. The latest in cutting-edge interior design technology is built-in kitchen appliances, especially cozy coffee makers and smoothie stations where even the ingredients have custom shelves and hidden drawers above and below the table-height station. Many of these beverage stations also have a little bar sink to act as a convenient accent to the larger kitchen sink set into the counter.


9) Reclaimed and Upcycled with a Story

One of the biggest design trends carrying over from 2022 is a love of reclaimed and upcycled materials and items. Even better than being eco-friendly, however, is items with a story. Hardwood reclaimed from a historic building not only can become beautiful no-harvest floors, they come with the story of the building before. A wing-backed armchair found in your attic can be restored and tell the story of previous generations. Upcycled items tell the story of a fun DIY project, or might represent your support of an upcycling charitable organization.


10) Holistic Work-and-Relax Design

Homes today must be more than just a place to relax, sleep, and share meals. Since the work from home movement, most homes are now our offices, gyms, and even the garden takes greater importance. This is what the holistic design trend seeks to embody; creating a space where every member of the family can live, work, relax, and stay healthy in a spacious and uplifting home. 


Designs in the Rear-View

  • Textureless Minimalism
  • All-White Kitchens
  • Cool Gray Palettes

Finally, let's take a look at what is pulling away in the rear-view mirror. Styles that are on their way out in 2023 include textureless all-white minimalism, all-white kitchens, and all-gray palettes. As the color palette and texture selection both trend toward warm naturals, we can say goodbye to cool, flat, white, and gray. Of course, don't let that hold you back. If you have a great gray palette that naturally compliments your architecture or personal décor style, you can still keep that elegant palette as it is a great backdrop to the colorful Boho pieces you could incorporate. 


Embracing Natural and Multi-Functional Design with Fossil Blu

 As a source of beautiful beaten copper and fireclay farmhouse sinks, we love the trend toward multipurpose design which embraces installations that make sense for all of life's at-home activities. To find the perfect Farmhouse sink to complete your vision for 2023 home design, get in touch! 

Whether you are renovating the kitchen, designing a better laundry room, or building yourself the perfect craft or gardening station,  Fossil Blu is excited to become a part of your dream home design.