Five reasons why Copper should be your Finish
September 09, 2020

Five reasons why Copper should be your Finish

Five reasons why Copper should be your Finish


Not only is a copper finish beautiful to look at, but is also an essential product in our lives.  If you are at a crossroad in making a decision on finishes, here are 5 reasons why copper should be at the top of your list.

A Timeless Material

Copper never loses its worth in beauty and benefits. Brass and bronze are in the same family as copper.  Bronze is harder than iron and more resistant to corrosion, making it a great family member.  All three of these finishes provide a rich and appealing element to any finish.

Excellent for Health

Copper is capable of killing harmful bacteria. This means that any surface, like faucets, sinks and backsplashes can naturally keep your home germ free. It also contains an antimicrobial property that prevents infection.  Brass containers

A Lot or A Little Maintenance

If you want your copper to remain with its original finish, a good scrubbing and polishing is necessary at least once a week. However, many people prefer the Patina value that copper can take on by letting the maintenance go. The patina also acts as a protective coating to help protect the life of the copper.

Increase Property Value

A copper surface will always bring an increased value to your home. This finish shows that you care about quality and timeless beauty. The age of the copper is hard to determine because of its everlasting coating.

Copper Forever

There are no worries about running out of copper as a mineral.  Only about1.1 trillion pounds have been mined since the beginning of time with an estimated 8 trillion pounds remaining.

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