How to Decorate a Farmhouse Style Bathroom Vanity
December 15, 2022

How to Decorate a Farmhouse Style Bathroom Vanity

The farmhouse style is a charming way to decorate any room in the house, and many homeowners enjoy farmhouse decorations throughout. One of the most uplifting spaces to design this classic yet cozy style is the bathroom. Farmhouse bathrooms tend to be full of light, with those little details that make you feel more at home and relaxed than any industrial or minimalist design ever could.   

There's something warm and inviting about wicker baskets, antiqued metal finishes, natural wood tones, and cream-painted cabinets. The jewel of the farmhouse bathroom design is almost always the vanity. Vintage, spacious, and often made from a reclaimed antique dresser with a deep farmhouse sink, the vanity is your opportunity to make the bathroom design truly your own.

What are some of the best ways to decorate a farmhouse style bathroom vanity? Well, once you've chosen your favorite fireclay or beaten copper sink, the beauty and utility of your vanity is all in the details. Let's take a closer look at some elegant and heartwarming ways to decorate your farmhouse bathroom vanity.


Colorful Glass Jars

Farmhouse design and glass jars often go perfectly together, hearkening back to a time when reusing glass was the most practical - and often most elegant - way to keep your home well-stocked. While clear mason jars and canisters are available, what about the beauty and charm of a row of colorful glass jars? You can find a rainbow of jars as a set or start collecting your favorite blue, green, red, and yellow glass after soaking off the labels.

Big or little, colorful glass jars look beautiful on your vanity countertop or on open shelves nearby, bringing a splash of color and that old-world feel to your bathroom design.


Painted Ceramic Soap Dish

Soap dishes are a time-honored tradition that we love to bring back for farmhouse vanity décor. Whether you prefer little decorative soaps or a classic bar of ivory, the soap dish is a delightful way to remember your roots and keep your hands clean. For farmhouse design, we love white and cream ceramic soap dishes with hand-painted designs. You can paint a soap dish yourself or find the perfect vintage piece when antiquing nearby.

If you're a liquid soap household, a soap dish is still a lovely vanity decoration and can serve as your ring bowl and jewelry tray instead.


Soft Glowing Bronze Lantern

What is the best way to softly light the bathroom as you sink into your farmhouse clawfoot tub? Candles are nice, but we especially love the soft, warm glow of a bronze lamp or lantern in the bathroom. Whether the glow comes from an electric bulb, a oil-soaked wick, or a candle inside the later, you will love the classic feel of a softly lit bathroom.

Use amber glass or rub swirls of oil onto your lantern glass to give an even softer and warmer illumination. With an artificial candle inside, you can even leave your farmhouse bathroom lantern on all the time to act as a nightlight.


Woven Basket Organizers

How do you keep your farmhouse vanity countertop tidy? Magazine spread photos often show a perfectly clean counter, but we know better. Toiletries and daily activity often leave small personal items scattered over the vanity top, and thinking ahead is the best way to keep your space charming and tidy. We suggest baskets.

Wire baskets and woven baskets both make beautiful organizers for a farmhouse vanity countertop and the nearby shelves. Baskets provide a warm yet squared-off appearance and can provide the perfect compartments to keep personal items tidy in your farmhouse bathroom.


A Little Vase of Flowers

The farmhouse style and plant life go naturally together. Time and time again you can find farmhouse bathrooms with potted plants, water-soaked tree branches, and beautiful little vases of flowers.

In a smaller bathroom, less is more for plant life. One little vase of flowers (real or fake) can brighten the space without taking over. We also love the look of dripping ivy. So if you have open shelves that rise above your vanity, consider placing an ivy pot on the highest shelf and letting it's green, leafy tendrils reach down toward the light and water surrounding your farmhouse sink and vanity.


Wooden Shaving Board

A wooden toiletries board on your cozy vanity countertop can also provide some practical use and farmhouse charm. A wood board is ideal for shaving gear or toothbrushes - items that get wet and dry when left out. In fact, it can even help keep your countertop dry while providing some back-to-nature decoration points. Why? Wood absorbs water naturally, like a very hard sponge, and dries over time.

This makes it tidier to place a damp razor, shaving brush, or toothbrush on the wood board instead of the stone countertop to prevent drips and make clean-up easier. Any raw slice of wood will do, whether you prefer a neat polished rectangle or a natural slice of tree.


Skirted Vanity Shelves

Skirted sink counters (vanity shelving) is a farmhouse design classic. You may remember gingham and floral skirts on ancient sinks in the past, and this charming down-home look is easy to recreate. Simply remove your under-the-sink cabinet doors and replace them with a split, ruffled curtain of whatever fabric looks best in your personal bathroom color palette and design.

In fact, the skirted vanity is also the perfect solution when you've made countertop alterations for a farmhouse sink in the bathroom. Farmhouse sinks have a large forward "apron" which is the comfy rounded part you can lean against while washing. However, to accommodate the apron, a counter may need to be cut more deeply into the front, which can disturb the cabinet door design. By replacing the cabinet doors with a skirt. you can have your gorgeous farmhouse sink and a charmingly classic under-the-sink style together.


Goldfish Bowl

What could be more delightful than a brightly colored fish swimming around your bathroom vanity? A vanity goldfish is a fun and beautiful addition to any bathroom, but looks especially well-placed in the farmhouse style where glass jars and back-to-nature beauty is embraced in every detail. Your goldfish bowl will likely look best right in the middle of a double-sink vanity or tucked into the corner of a single-sink vanity.


Vintage Alarm Clock

Finally, we've seen a few designs that incorporate a vintage alarm clock into the farmhouse vanity decorations. Why? It's not just that random vintage items are often added to farmhouse design for personality and style. It's also that we like to know what time it is when preparing each morning in the bathroom. Having a clock on the vanity is both vintage-charming and a practical addition to your design.


In a farmhouse bathroom, the vanity almost always takes center-stage. Often refurbished from an antique dresser, or the mirror upcycled from one, you will find the perfect home for a gorgeously deep farmhouse sink and the little details that make the farmhouse style a truly charming and uplifting design choice for the home.

To find the perfect beaten copper or fireclay sink for your farmhouse-style renovations, contact us today.