Let Copper Take Your Rustic Kitchen from Rugged to Refined
November 11, 2020

Let Copper Take Your Rustic Kitchen from Rugged to Refined

Let Copper Take Your Rustic Kitchen from Rugged to Refined


If you are ready to update your farmhouse kitchen, it may seem counterintuitive that you can achieve a more modern aesthetic by embracing old world design, but that is exactly how to create a refined rustic look. If it is time for the shiplap to ship out, here is what you need to elevate your rustic design from stately to state-of-the-art:

Natural Materials:

Wood, stone, and metals are a hallmark of the rustic aesthetic. However, the trend toward reclaimed and refurbished materials is moving away from "DIY" and moving toward investment in artisan and craftsman-made pieces. Replacing your white apron-front sink with a sleek hand-hammered copper model maintains the country-esque look of an exposed sink-front while instilling the organic warmth that comes from copper's beautifully aged authentic patina.

Warm Colors:

While cool colors such as crisp whites and milky creams are often associated with the farmhouse look, you should consider warm natural colors to upgrade your rustic look from rugged to refined. Sage greens are a perfect complement to warm copper accents--looking both professional and provincial at the same time. Earthy teals and blues reminiscent of the sea and sky also lend themselves to the rustic look without weighing down your design in dark, heavy colors.

Copper Accents:

Rustic design doesn't mean you have to limit yourself to natural wood and stone. Metal accents will ensure your design looks sleek and modern. Emphasize an oversized copper sink or custom copper range hood with other copper accents such as select cooking utensils or a hanging pot rack. To really double-down on your high-end rustic design, consider installing vintage copper light fixtures or an antique table-top kerosene lamp.

If you are ready to explore a new design aesthetic for your kitchen, please contact us. Fossil Blu has a range of products to help take your dreams of rustic luxury from rough draft to reality.