Modern Ways to Design a Traditional Kitchen
May 04, 2023

Modern Ways to Design a Traditional Kitchen


If you live in a home with a traditional kitchen, or have always dreamed of building a traditional kitchen for yourself, then you know what it means to be surrounded by beauty. Traditional kitchens carry the weight and elegance of history, featuring darker wood tones, carved or raised wood cabinet doors, and beautiful stone countertops. 

You may remember the traditional kitchen of your family in the past or have fallen in love with a traditional kitchen in a home you found. However, one downside of traditional kitchens is that they often lack the modern innovations introduced in the last 100 to 200 years of kitchen design. Fortunately, you don't have to give up your favorite kitchen look in order to modernize your kitchen.

Today, Fossil Blu is here to help homeowners explore modern ways to design a traditional kitchen for their kitchen remodel focused on ease-of-use and historical beauty at the same time.

Clever Ways to Modernize the Traditional Kitchen Design

We know you're looking to modernize your kitchen with updated design features, bringing in some of the brightness and functionality of modern design without sacrificing your beautiful traditional kitchen look. Each of these kitchen ideas offers a way to do exactly that.

Backlit Glass Cabinet Doors

Traditional kitchens tend to feel a little enclosed with dark wood and heavy cabinetry. You can keep the style and brighten your space by swapping out your old cabinet doors for glass-inserts of the same wood finish. Then subtly light the inside of each cabinet using LED light strips that provide both useful illumination for your shelves and a soft, ethereal glow inside your traditional cabinets when they are closed.

Hidden Pantry Cabinetry

When working on your interior design, stash your awesomely modern pantry design behind a pair of traditional embossed-wood pantry doors. You can hide an entire walk-in pantry (or laundry room) using the hidden pantry trick while maintaining the elegant traditional look of your favorite kitchen design.

Roll-Out and Vertical Storage Behind Traditional Wood

Updating your storage methods in your kitchen cabinets can make cooking a breeze. Vertical storage for your spices and smooth roll-out drawers for pots and pans can save you tons of stooping and hauling. But if you want to keep that traditional look in your classic kitchen, simply use your dark-stained wood fronts on each drawer or compartment. You can even ask your custom cabinet maker to craft disguised compartments that look traditional but open in new and interesting ways for your new kitchen.

Update Old Appliances

If you're starting with an older traditional kitchen, don't be afraid to update the appliances. One of the best new looks for traditional kitchen design is an embedded glass-top stove and oven, which somehow perfectly blends space-age cooking technology with elegant stone countertops in both look and feel. 

Install a Modern Farmhouse Sink

Farmhouse sinks are beautifully traditional while offering everything you want in modern kitchen design. A farmhouse sink has a comfortable apron to lean against and deep basins for a wide range of cooking and household tasks. Beaten copper farmhouse sinks have a gorgeous boho/historical look that could be perfect for your updated traditional style making a farmhouse kitchen.

Envision a New Backsplash

The backsplash is everything when it comes to modernizing a kitchen design. While your old traditional kitchen backsplash may be elegant, you can make the entire space feel brighter and more welcoming with a new tile backsplash design which can tie in to the color scheme of the kitchen and create a cohesive design style. A granite backsplash can move into a granite countertop.

Transition from Steel to Copper Fixtures

Mixed metals have been a big hit in home design kitchen trends for a few years, and traditional kitchens look great with a variety of metal finishes. Consider brightening your kitchen design with copper, brass, or mixed metal finishes instead of going 100% stainless steel for all fixtures and appliances. You can add new color knobs to the kitchen as well.

Choose a Warm Natural Paint Color

Lastly, look for natural materials and a warm natural paint color for your walls and painted features. Olive to moss green is a particularly popular color palette today in kitchen design, bringing the warmth of the garden indoors. The paint that is chosen can look great with open shelving.

Traditional Kitchen Design FAQs

·  How do you modernize a traditional kitchen?

 When looking for ways to give your kitchen a makeover, modernizing a traditional kitchen is all about maintaining the traditional look while installing innovative features behind the elegant wood panels.

·  What type of kitchen design elements are out of style?

  • All-white kitchens/white cabinets
  • Monochrome themes
  • Busy tile backsplashes
  • Traditional dining tables
  • Closed-off kitchens

·  How to design a traditional kitchen?

Traditional kitchens typically feature wood and wood veneer cabinetry, raised panel and carved wood styles, and traditional finishes. The traditional style favors frosted or antiqued glass, cream and off-white paint, and crown molding. It gives your kitchen a more formal and historical look but does not have to feel heavy or gaudy.

·  What are the 5 factors to consider for your kitchen design?

  1. Kitchen Layout
  2. Cabinetry and Storage
  3. Overhead and Under-Shelf Lighting
  4. Durable Flooring, including hardwood floors and laminate
  5. Proper Ventilation

·  What is the difference between a kitchen layout and a kitchen design?

A kitchen layout is the footprint made by the cabinetry and appliances. A kitchen design is the style in which the kitchen is built. For example, an L-shaped kitchen is a layout, while traditional, retro, and modern are examples of kitchen designs.

·  What are the benefits of a kitchen design?

Your kitchen design sets the ambiance and helps to pull together all the visual elements of your kitchen. Choosing one kitchen design can make your kitchen look unified and beautiful.

·  What are the pros and cons of a traditional kitchen?


  • Historically beautiful
  • Dark natural woods and fine finishes
  • Familiar and nostalgic


  • Heavier materials
  • Can feel enclosed with dark colors
  • Less focused on ergonomic/functional design

·  What are the top kitchen trends?

  • Bright & sculptural lighting fixtures (including pendant lights and chandeliers)
  • Barstool breakfast bars
  • Statement Backsplashes
  • Waterfall islands
  • Nature neutral colors

Modernize Your Beautiful Traditional Kitchen Design with Fossil Blu

Fossil Blu has always embraced the balance between modern quality and traditional beauty. Our farmhouse sinks make the perfect addition to your modernized traditional kitchen, maintaining the aesthetic of a historical kitchen while providing all the functionality of the latest sink styles. Explore beautiful beaten copper and smooth fireclay farmhouse sinks online to choose a great focal point for your modernized traditional kitchen, and contact us to choose the best farmhouse sink for your traditional kitchen's unique aesthetic and space.