Scandinavian Style: Kitchens and Mudrooms

December 10, 2021

Scandinavian Style: Kitchens and Mudrooms

Scandinavian design is all about simplicity and functionality. With sleek clean lines, an emphasis on minimalism, and modern touches, this design trend became popular around the world in the mid-20th century. The industry has remained strong since then, and now Scandinavian design is as trendy as ever. Muted and monochromatic color schemes mesh with modern accents to create the perfect functional design. This type of design lends itself to high traffic, functional spaces like mudrooms and kitchens. Here are some things to consider for your kitchen and mudroom projects. 


The Kitchen: Heart, Hearth & Center

There are three main components of a successful kitchen design: the sink, refrigerator, and stove. There are several different layouts possible to maximize efficiency, as well as ones that make a beautiful statement. There are many design elements that go into a great kitchen--one where the family will gather for holidays and celebrations for years to come. Creating a timeless kitchen is truly a worthy task.  Here are a few tips to create the perfect Scandinavian-style kitchen of your dreams. 


A functional layout is essential in Scandinavian design. Standing in the center of your kitchen, you should be in arms reach of all the important elements you need to make an amazing and healthy home-cooked meal. Whether you opt for custom cabinetry or open shelving, you will want to get rid of--or store away-- items that clutter the space. Scandinavian design espouses: A place for everything and everything in its place. To achieve a simple and elegant look, lay out the space in the way that works best for you. 

Materials & décor

Your decoration of the space is what makes it unique. Combining rustic materials with industrial accents will make your kitchen stand out. Make your kitchen the zone everyone will want to hang out in with a design that is simple, streamlined, and upscale. Choosing high-end materials and finishes will do more than just add value to your home, a beautiful and cohesive kitchen design adds value to your quality of life.

Color palette

The color scheme you choose should be light, airy, and calming. In Northern Europe there are but a few precious hours of daylight in the dead of winter each day. Using a design that maximizes the available natural light, as well as modern electric lighting, will mean a better aesthetic. Black, white, and gray are mainstays of this simplistic design, but many of these neutral colors can be full of richness and depth. Pops of green, blue, and yellow draw the eye around the space. Add a natural pop of color with a pure copper sink, adding a taste of luxury to any kitchen. 

The kitchen is the center of the family, where people gather to celebrate their blessings and enjoy delicious food & drinks that soothe the soul. You don't have to come from Scandinavia to enjoy this type of design. Customize your kitchen to your liking. If you're a spice nut, make sure to have a large area for spice storage. Need an area for recycling? How about a built-in trash can that slides out of the counter? The design should reflect your taste and preferences. 

Mudrooms: Make an Entrance

Scandinavian design focuses on cleanliness and spaciousness, with soothing colors all around. This helps bring a sense of belonging. Located primarily near an entrance to the home, the mudroom is the perfect place to kick off your boots, hang up your coat and hat, and enter the house ready to be comfortable at home. A nice contemporary mudroom may feature built-in storage like a large oak or cedar coat rack, a space for shoes, and a nook for umbrellas. 


It is so important that your mudroom remains functional since it really is a buffer zone between the outside world and your indoor environs. It can be utilized for storage, as well as a place to leave all your outdoor wear after you enter the house. A space to hang your keys, and a console table may fit nicely for setting down the mail or a bag of groceries that has just arrived. The best part? It will keep the rest of your house cleaner -- if you take your shoes off in the mudroom. 


A waterproof floor is a must-have for the mudroom. You may opt for closed cabinet storage or more of an open concept. Think about your hobbies. Do you need room for sports equipment or gear? Factor in your individual needs to get the most out of the space. Heated floors could be a nice option-- especially in colder areas. This is a shared space that must meet the needs of everyone in the household. These are all things to take into account when this space is created.


Scandinavian style in mudrooms usually involves natural hard wood cabinetry with industrial metal hooks for hanging coats, hats, and scarves. To keep this look, a nice neutral color palette should be used. The space should be modern, refined, and most of all livable. Your design should be practical yet elegant. To achieve that beautiful look, use high quality materials and if you are not a DIY person, work with a team of professionals to achieve the mudroom you want. This would be a great addition to any house. It’s a place to kick off your shoes keeping the ‘mud’ away -- so you can relax in the rest of your clean home.


If you decide to remodel your Kitchen or Mudroom, remember that Scandinavian design is inspired by the "less is more" concept. It should be simple and beautiful. A good design should reflect your personality, and it should meet all your needs. When using this type of design, this is the question to keep in mind: is it functional? Scandinavian design blends comfort with utility. It can serve its purpose and bring you all the comforts of home. If we can help with questions, contact us today!


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