Setting Up The Perfect Nest
February 22, 2021

Setting Up The Perfect Nest

Setting Up The Perfect Nest


The only thing more exciting than saying "I do" might just be getting to come home from the wedding to your very own newlywed nest. But starting from scratch with a new house can feel daunting, and many newlyweds simply don't know where to start when it comes to turning an empty house into a home that they and their partner can grow to love more and more every day. If you're wondering how you can start married life in your personal dream home, read on to learn about how to set up the perfect nest that will serve as a beautiful, comfortable home for years to come.

Use Your Wedding Registry Wisely

Before you even get married, use the power of your wedding registry wisely. Sitting down with your future partner and creating a registry is a great way to not only pick out items for your future use but also to make sure that you both have similar priorities for your nest. After all, if one person only wants to register for brand-new kitchen appliances and the other only wants to stock up on barware for their basement home bar, it's worth compromising now — not after the wedding, when it's time to sort through your gifts and write thank-you cards.

Additionally, a wedding registry is a great way for both partners to get on the same page in terms of decor and style, which can help make it easier to continue furnishing the rest of your nest. For example, determining whether you're both excited by the drama of a pure copper sink or are more drawn to the rustic earthiness of a fireclay farmhouse kitchen sink can help you locate similarities in your personal style. Finding common ground will make it far easier to move ahead with decorating your nest with as little conflict as possible.

Always Opt For Quality

It may seem daunting to opt for an expensive, handcrafted leather couch over a cheap particle-board knock-off. But the key to setting up a good nest that will last just as long as your marriage is to choose high-quality pieces over their inexpensive counterparts whenever possible. Not only will high-quality pieces last longer and look and perform better, but their cost will likely even out over time. Think about it: a $2000 couch might seem pricey, but not if you go through three or four $700 couches in the meantime. Picking well-crafted versions of the pieces that matter to you is a great way to get every penny's worth in your new nest.

Showcase Both Of Your Styles

Marriage is all about one thing: compromise. A great way to learn how to compromise is to try meshing both of your personal styles in your nest. Perhaps that means that you'll get to take the lead in decorating the living room while your spouse gets to take the lead in decorating the kitchen, or maybe it means that both of your favorite colors will get to be showcased in the master bedroom. It could even mean that both of you get to include their favorite art pieces in your home, no matter what the other thinks of them. Regardless of what your compromise entails, ensuring that both partners can see themselves and their styles reflected in their own house is a guaranteed way to make a nest feel less like a building and more like a place to grow old together.

Be Patient

Furnishing a house and turning your nest into a home simply won't happen overnight. It takes time, money, and energy to turn your nest into your dream home. Instead of stressing that you can't afford all the high-quality pieces you want for your living room or kitchen right away, take the time to make new memories in your nest by enjoying a meal cooked with love — no fancy appliances needed. And don't be afraid to change things up if your ideas of what you want change over time; feel free to swap out art and repaint the walls as your view of your nest evolves during your time living there. As long as you continue to put effort into making your home more beautiful and functional every day, you'll end up with a nest you love before you know it.

Have Fun

It might sound cliché, but the most important thing is just to have fun. Does one of you desperately want a pinball machine in the living room? Are you both obsessed with creating a little French coffee station in your kitchen that's always stocked with espresso and croissants? Is the idea of a detailed, hand-painted mural on your bedroom wall something that has always intrigued you? As long as it makes both of you happy, go for it! A house will never truly be a home if it's not a place where you can feel relaxed, comfortable, and ready to make new memories together. The key to making your nest your very own is just to do what feels right and fills you with joy. Marriage can certainly take a lot of work: don't let your home be a source of stress for either one of you.

Setting up your perfect nest can take a lot of work, but as long as you have a few tips and tricks up your sleeve, it doesn't have to be a challenging endeavor. Crafting a well-designed wedding registry and opting for high-quality items that showcase both of your styles can help you end up with all the components you need to get started. Additionally, remembering to be patient and have fun is crucial for turning your nest into a home you'll cherish for years to come.