Staying In Is The New Going Out!
February 01, 2021

Staying In Is The New Going Out!

Staying In Is The New Going Out!


Right now, chances are that your home provides you with a cozy space to rewind at the end of a long day. But did you know that your home can do even more? That's right: you can bring all the fun of a bar or magic of a movie theater right into the comfort of your very own home. Intrigued? Read on to learn more about the at-home changes you can implement to make staying in the new going out.

Create An At-Home Bar

Going out to bars can be fun, but it also involves a lot of factors that are less than ideal. After all, you have to deal with noisy crowds, overpriced cocktails, and finding a designated driver. What if you could enjoy a quiet drink inside the comfort of your very own home bar instead? The first step to setting up a home bar is to find a space. While seriously dedicated bartenders may want to install an island or full-sized bar in their basement or living room, less ardent cocktail enthusiasts can get just as much bang for their buck with a metallic bar cart or wooden bar stand. 

Once you've got the bar area set up, it's time to stock it. Load up on your favorite liquors and mixers, invest in a set of glassware that fits your needs, and purchase all the hardware (i.e., shakers and stirrers) that you'll need to bring your favorite cocktails to life. To really make your bar area special, invest in some fun garnishes, such as candied ginger or rosemary, that can give your drinks a special twist to make you feel like you're at the hottest bar in town. Finally, don't forget the most important step: have a seat and enjoy your very own handcrafted cocktail — no crowds required.

Bring The Coffee Shop Inside

There's nothing like spending a lazy morning sipping a latte in a coffee shop, reading a book and enjoying some peace and quiet. But what if you could stumble downstairs in your pajamas and enjoy the same atmosphere without having to leave the house? A coffee nook is a great way to enjoy your morning routine in comfort. First, find a spot for your nook: some homeowners prefer making space on a countertop, while others are happier installing a countertop in front of a sunny window and pairing it with brightly colored stools. Imagine sipping your morning cup of coffee at a rustic wooden counter next to a fireclay farmhouse sink — all without having to get dressed or listen to the barista mispronounce your name.

If window space is limited in your kitchen, you can also try adding a small table, cart, or shelves devoted to housing your coffee equipment. Whether you prefer a shot of espresso or a foamy cappuccino to get you going in the morning, having the right setup is crucial for giving your coffee nook all the charm and comfort of your favorite coffee shop in the convenience of your very own home.

Catch A Movie At Home

Everyone loves going to the movies — but between expensive ticket prices, even more expensive snack prices, and other moviegoers talking through your favorite film, movie-going has become less relaxing than ever. One solution? Building your very own home theater. If you have an appropriately sized space in your house that would be ideal for a home theater setup, it's not difficult to create. All you need to do is select a projection system, add your favorite sound system, and install some comfortable theater seating. Creating a full-sized home theater might not be cheap, but it's certainly an easy way to bring the magic of the movies inside your home.

If you're hoping to enjoy some movie magic on a budget, consider a smaller-scale home theater. Replace your TV with a projector and screen and add a simple sound system for an easy, budget-friendly home theater that can fit right inside your living room. For a little something special, add a popcorn machine (don't forget the butter!) or make your own concession stand. You'll feel like you've gone to the movies without ever needing to leave your home.

Feel The Burn

There's nothing like a good workout to make your mind and body feel strong, powerful, and healthy. Why not chase that endorphin high at home, where you don't have to worry about grabbing your favorite machine or changing in a crowded locker room? Creating a home gym is far from difficult. Simply think about the type of workout you like to do and then choose a space that's suitable for your needs. Fitness enthusiasts who like to do yoga will need much less room than weightlifters or cardio lovers who need to swing kettlebells around. Finding your space, whether it's a dedicated corner in a specific room or an entire room of its own, is the first step to setting up the perfect workout spot.

Once you're settled in, customize your space to make it feel like you. Do you like listening to music while you work out, or do you need a quiet, soundproof area to be alone with your thoughts? Do you need a water source handy, or is it more important for you to have a nearby supply of clean, fresh towels? Figuring out what your perfect gym setup looks like will make it easier for you to make your home gym a reality — thus making it easier for you to go there and work up a sweat more often.

Final Thoughts

Whether you're thinking of creating your own at-home bar, coffee nook, home theater, gym, or more, the only limit is your imagination. All you need to do is assess your space to figure out where your new area should be and add all the custom odds and ends you need to make your new space feel like your own.