Stylish DIY Ideas for Bedroom Curtains
April 20, 2023

Stylish DIY Ideas for Bedroom Curtains

Every bedroom needs a stylish set of curtains. Your curtain style is not an opportunity to decorate, they also serve an important variety of purposes. Curtains provide your bedroom with privacy, they keep out the morning sun when you're not ready to wake up, and they can help you enjoy the glow of natural light in your room. Of course, the way you design your bedroom curtains will naturally shape your experience.

Your bedroom should be uniquely designed for you. It is the place where you should feel the most comfortable, and where your style can be reflected in every detail. At Fossil Blu, we love the freedom to personalize, to make every corner of your home into something special, whether you are hanging decorative curtains or choosing the perfect kitchen sink. 

How can you create a stylish new look for your bedroom curtains? The perfect style can be created using layers and styles that you already know.

Long and Elegant Layered Curtains

You can make your bedroom feel taller and softer with long, layered curtains. Long curtains can make any room feel more elegant, and visually make the ceiling feel further away.  The key is to hang your curtains close to the ceiling and extend them all the way to the floor, no matter where your windows start and stop. This will allow your window to visually take up its entire vertical space, making it seem like a towering, elegant manor window from the inside that faintly glows with sunlight when closed.

The Filmy Layer

Of course, the best long curtain designs are layered. Start with a filmy layer of white, cream, or a pastel of your favorite color. A filmy curtain gives you some privacy and blocks direct sunlight glare, but still causes your bedroom to glow with sunlight during the day or flutter in the moonlight should you open your window at night. 

The Fabric Layer

From there, hang a heavier curtain of a darker-colored fabric. Use a second curtain rod or bar so that the filmy layer and heavy layer open separately. The heavier layer can help to give complete privacy, block out the sun, and provide insulation in the winter. It also looks quite elegant. It's your choice whether to let your long curtains pool on the floor or keep them neatly cut just above floor level to move easily.

Short Curtains with Patterned Personality

Of course, many prefer a shorter style in the bedroom. This gives you the flexibility to place furniture under the window like a bed, a bookshelf, your desk, or a padded bench below the window instead of occupying the whole wall with floor-to-ceiling curtains. Shorter curtains can be more playful and should show off your personality. 

Many favor patterned curtains in the shorter style, and there are so many patterns to choose from. You might choose a bright floral or somber creeping vines, a baroque filigree, or a playful paisley. You can even choose a pattern of your favorite cartoons or hand-pick a bolt of cloth from the fabric store to make your own bedroom curtains to truly reflect your inner style.

Pull-Down Blinds with Blackout Fabric Inside

Blinds are the tidiest choice for bedroom curtains. If you're looking for a sleek professional look or the ability to keep absolutely all the sunshine out of your bedroom so you can sleep in through the morning, pull-down blinds are the way to go. Instead of those faded old miniblinds, choose stylish fabric blinds that either fold up when you cinch the cord, or roll-up blinds that use an automatic retractor mechanism.

Black-out fabric tends to be plain, so the best way to get the stylish bedroom curtain look that you want is to wrap the blackout fabric in a fabric of your choice. Many people prefer a textured or ribbed fabric for pull-down and roll-up blinds, adding a cool layer of texture to the sleek room decor.

Cute Curtain Fastener Ideas

Of course, every bedroom curtain design should come with a way to fasten your curtains or tuck away the blinds pull. Your curtain fasteners can give your bedroom extra flair and a chance to show off your personality with every detail.

Right and Left Curtain Hooks

For a long curtain style, consider installing decorative hooks on either side of your window so that when you sweep back the curtains, you have an elegant way to hang them up and out of the way, while creating that fairy tale window shape of curtains draping in a curve to either side before falling straight down from the hooks. The design of your curtain hooks is up to you and can be anything from beautiful metal leaves to ladybugs or robot heads depending on the room and style.

Ribbon and Fabric Curtain Ties

Alternately, you can keep a pair of ribbons or fabric ties handy Keep them on your dresser near the curtains, hanging on a hook nearby, or even sew in your curtain fastening ribbons invisibly into the back of your curtain fabric so the ties will always be there when you are ready to pull back your long or short bedroom curtains,

Decorative Blinds Cord Wrap

If you are choosing blinds and will have a cord, place a two-sided hook to one side that reflects your chosen decoration theme. This hook will make the perfect place to wind your blinds cord when your curtains are open so that the cord never gets tangled up and would be safe around pets or small children.

Smartening Up Your Bedroom Curtains

Another interesting option is to use smart curtain designs. For example, a smart curtain rod will open up your curtains with a voice command or button press, while smart blinds will raise and lower on command.

Extending Your Curtain Design to the Whole House

Designing the right curtains for your bedroom is only the beginning. Once you start experimenting with fabric and design, there's no telling where your home improvement journey will take you. If you find yourself measuring the kitchen for curtains or spending more time at the fabric store, soon you may be retiling the backsplash or choosing a new kitchen sink to go with it.

If you are ready to dive into home renovations, Fossil Blu would love to be a part. Let us share our favorite farmhouse sink designs to enhance your kitchen, laundry, or bathroom as you turn your designer's eye to every room of the house. For more information or beautiful home renovation tips, contact us today.