The 8 Most Valuable Kitchen Appliance Trends of 2021
June 14, 2021

The 8 Most Valuable Kitchen Appliance Trends of 2021

The 8 Most Valuable Kitchen Appliance Trends of 2021


Kitchen design is a powerful way to change the feel and function of a home. The appliances you choose and the floorplan you design define the entire flow of the house. Every year, appliances get a little more advanced and new stylishly useful appliance trends are introduced. Recently, smart appliances with wifi controls have spread throughout the market and larger appliances built into cabinetry have become the hit design theme.

Kitchen appliance trends aren't just about riding the curve, they also show off the most functional and stylish ways to make use of modern kitchen technology. Whether you're designing the perfect kitchen for yourself or preparing a home to sell for the best possible price, a few hot kitchen appliance trends can transform your space into an attractive culinary playground.

Let's dive into the most valuable kitchen appliance trends of 2021.


#1. Smooth Countertop Hidden Appliances

Right now, hidden appliances is the cutting edge of kitchen design. Appliances with wood-paneled faces or built directly into the cabinetry make for a more elegant and continuous kitchen appearance. One of the most popular design options is to fit more appliances underneath the countertop line. This gives you space to extend your countertop prep areas and make your appliances look more unified as part of the kitchen design.

Custom cabinetry and perfectly sized appliances are the key to the hidden appliance trend. You need a good kitchen remodeling team to wrap several appliances in countertop. It is also popular to build custom cabinets that enclose smaller tabletop appliances.


#2. Two Sink Kitchens

Have you ever cooked in a kitchen that featured a second sink? Often called bar sinks, a second kitchen sink is a hot trend in useful and valuable kitchen design. The bar sink adds a whole new workstation so that you can cook with friends and family while also providing a handy place to fill your glass with fresh drinking water.

The other benefit to a bar sink is freedom to deepen your primary kitchen sink. Build a farmhouse sink or a double-basin sink that serves a more versatile purpose for dishes and vegetable washing and design the bar sink as your quick drink and handwash station.


#3. Glowing and Adaptive Faucets

LEDs are everywhere in modern design, and it's no surprise, Lacing LEDs into home objects can make them glow beautifully and smart controls can even allow you to pick the color and intensity of the light. However, LEDs in your adaptive faucet serve their own additionally useful purpose: They can tell you how hot the water is.

LED faucets with adaptive temperature and pressure controls project LED light through the flow of water, making the entire water flow glow with color. Many are temperature-sensing and change the color of the faucet light from blue to red based on how hot the water is. No need to freeze or burn your hands by accident every again.


#4. Multi-Function Ovens and Stove Ranges

Multi-function appliances are all the rage, especially for your major cooking implements. A multi-purpose oven can broil and serve as a convection oven based on your settings. It may have advanced timer settings or a more versatile arrangement of oven shelves and door hinges.

Multi-function stoves combine several types of hot surfaces to accommodate diverse recipes. You may find a griddle surface, a grilling space, or even a combination of electric and gas burners.


#5. Air Fryers and Instant Pots

Of course, multipurpose appliances come in all sizes. Right now, air fryers are still the latest in nifty cooking technology and young adults are embracing the recipe ease of instant pots. Pressure cookies, multi-cookers, and air fryers together are taking the small appliance world by storm.

There are currently two approaches to a regularly used cooking appliance of the tabletop variety. One is to make a space in the cabinet and bring out these devices when they're needed. The other is to build an entire stationary workspace round your favorite countertop appliance, which is a cabinetry task we'll touch on in the next point.


#6. Favored Appliance Nook

An appliance nook is a small stretch of countertop paired with custom-built cabinetry to frame and support a kitchen appliance. Integrate an outlet, overhead cabinets and drawers below designed to make using one or two appliances every day.

The most popular type is a coffee nook or coffee station where your mult-armed coffee machine makes it possible to make lattes, frappes, and expresso from the same device. Or you could use the same space with a blender to make a fast-mixing smoothie station; using the custom cabinetry for cups and nutrient powders instead of coffee flavors.


#7. Wifi Smart Appliances

Anyone buying new appliances this year should consider stepping up the tech level with smart appliances. Today, almost anything can connect to wifi and offer basic remote control. A smart fridge can photograph the shelves, count the eggs, keep a shopping list, and access online recipes. A smart oven can set temperatures, times, and settings which is great for baking and roasting. 

Smart coffee makers can start your coffee two minutes before your wakeup alarm. A smart dishwasher will send an alert when you need more rinse-aid. These subtle integrations are both convenient and the highest tech in today's kitchen design.


#8. Integral Hydration Station

As homes become more elegantly functional, kitchens are being designed for lifestyle boosts. One of the best features for a busy family is a hydration station. This is a special faucet that is designed to fill water bottles and large tumbler glasses with cool, filtered water. Hydration stations were designed in theme parks and public venues to promote guest health. Now that the design exists, anyone can benefit from the sleek nook designed to dispense filtered water.

A hydration station is best installed near the outer ring of your kitchen. This way, family members can stop by for water and visitors can hydrate without entering the cooking zone. Bottles can be filled easily without clearing your sink and a stack of clean glasses invites anyone to enjoy some cool water as they pass through the kitchen.


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