The Benefits of Using a Sink Grid in Your Farmhouse Sink
May 04, 2021

The Benefits of Using a Sink Grid in Your Farmhouse Sink

The Benefits of Using a Sink Grid in Your Farmhouse Sink


Installing a beautiful new farmhouse sink into your kitchen is a great way to make room for all the dishes and cool home projects you could dream of. The deep basin and shining finish combine to make your kitchen into a beautiful hub of activity. However, many homeowners with a new farmhouse sink quickly perceive a few unique challenges with a pristine and deep sink basin. Scratches and debris both accumulate more quickly than with a shallow classic kitchen sink of stainless steel. 

Whether you have a shining copper sink or a gleaming fireclay basin, the most reliable solution is a sink grid placed in the bottom of your Farmhouse sink.


What is a Sink Grid?

A sink grid is a rectangle cross-hatch of rigid metal wire that sits snugly in the bottom of your sink. The rubber 'feet' of the grid sit softly against your sink finish and the grid settles about a half-inch above the bottom of the sink. From avoiding the clang and scrape of pot bottoms to saving yourself from the silverware scoop into the far reach of your dishwater, a sink grid is the ideal addition to any new or refinished farmhouse sink. The simple metal grid provides a surprising array of benefits and homeowners often discover new useful purposes of the sink grid as they explore their new farmhouse sink kitchen routine.

Let's dive into the benefits of your sink grid so you don't have to dive into the bottom of your deep new sink.


Prevents Silverware and Small Item Loss

Do you hate scooping silverware from the bottom of your sink's dishwater? So do we! Plus, that scrape of metal against your shining finish may make you wince every time. A sink grid sits less than an inch above the sink bottom yet prevents so much sink-bottom hassle. Silverware along with all other dishes are hoisted off the sink bottom so you can more easily reach lost small items and even drain the sink without risk of silverware winding up down the drain. Your sink grid makes doing dishes cleaner and easier, with less scraping your sink's finish.


Protects the Finish of Your Sink

The primary benefit of a grid for new farmhouse sinks is to protect the brand new finish. Fresh copper and even hardened fireclay scratch more easily than you might realize. The metal bottom of pots, the metal tines of forks, and even the scrape of ceramic plate edges might cause a small flaw in the finish. The sink grid protects the bottom and even sides of your sink by keeping pot bottoms and silverware off the lowest surface. The sink grid also cancels the force of gravity when you drop a heavy pot into the sink. ensuring that even when cooking is tough and you're weary, your sink finish is still kept safe and pristine.


Reduces Noise and Impact when Washing Heavy Pots

Speaking of heavy pots, we're all familiar with that loud clang when an empty (or mostly empty) pot is dropped into the sink - especially fireclay sinks. The clatter of doing the dishes and the clanging of pots and pans are likely not your favorite part of sink-time. The right sink grid can significantly reduce the noise that occurs when dropping pots or doing the dishes by hand. That clatter and clang turns into a soft clicks as the bottom of pots hit the suspended grid instead of the hard bottom or sides of your sink.


Doubles as a Dish Rack

One of the best things about a clean sink grid is that the grid structure can double as a dish rack for soaking or drying specific dishes. When the sink is full, the grid can hold dishes in place so key areas soak more effective. When the sink is empty, clean dishes can sit upright in your sink grid, drip and air drying simultaneously with the least possible chance of puddle mess. Your dishes are safely nestled inside the farmhouse sink sides, making them impossible to knock over as they dry and you don't even have to fit a dish rack into the sink - because the grid serves this purpose among its many other benefits.


Improves Drain Efficiency 

A sink grid has a unique benefit in sink drain maintenance. Small utensils are caught in the grid and prevented from falling down the drain or garbage disposal, which can be a miracle effect in families with many an accidentally-ground fork or spoon. The grid can also catch larger food debris that might clog the sink while allowing smaller food particles to wash cleanly and quickly away. 

With a sink grid, you can take more control over what goes down your drain, what is ground in the garbage disposal, what you compost, and what you clear into the trash.


Keeps Produce and Mid-Recipe Cooking Off the Sink-Bottom

Mid-recipe sink use is a different story, also benefitted by a well-fitted sink grid. When you're washing produce or peeling into the sink, the grid prevents your produce from ever touching the sink bottom. Kept clean, your sink grid can keep your mid-recipe ingredients clean, fresh, and easy to retrieve from the sink if you have been washing or thawing.

When you drain or rinse pasta, water-cool boiled eggs, or add water halfway through a recipe, that sink grid keeps the bottom of your pots nicely lifted off the bottom of the sink. Not only is your finish protected, but your pots and pans are also easier to hoist and stay clean in the process.


Changes How You Clean the Sink

Last but certainly not least, a sink grid changes how you clean your sink. With interchangeable sink grids, you can always have one going through the dishwasher fresh and ready for a replacement. To wipe out your sink, remove the sink grid and give your sink that thorough wipe-down. Use this opportunity to clean your sink grid in the other half of your sink or just pop it in the dishwasher and grab a clean sink grid to set into the now-gleaming basin.

Of course, during the day when your hands are full, the sink grid also makes it possible for a quick powerful spray from the faucet to clear out your sink and grid at the same time.


Does your brand new, refinished, or old favorite farmhouse sink in need of a sink grid? Whether you'd like a beautiful copper sink grid for your copper sink or stainless steel grids for your fireclay sink, we've got you covered. Find your sink dimensions and the perfect sink grid for your farmhouse sink. Contact us today for help finding the right sink grid or install a new farmhouse sink into your beautiful kitchen.