The Future is Now: 2021 Kitchen Trends Have Arrived
September 23, 2020

The Future is Now: 2021 Kitchen Trends Have Arrived

The Future is Now: 2021 Kitchen Trends Have Arrived


With the kitchen serving as a family hub and control center, it is no wonder kitchens are trending toward industrialization.  In 2021, homeowners will be looking for ways to combine the utilitarian durability of commercial kitchens with the cozy conveniences of home. Here is a sneak peek at some of the next big kitchen trends.

Smart Faucets:

Touchless faucets have been gaining popularity and will become a nearly standard feature in the coming year. Faucets that are activated by a motion sensor are convenient and sanitary—you no longer have to be a contortionist to turn a lever with your elbow, nor do you have to contaminate your faucet handle with sticky fingers.

For those who want the latest in technology, voice-activated kitchen faucets that pair with a digital voice assistant are a must-have kitchen upgrade. Let your faucet do the work when you command it to "fill this bowl with two cups of water" or when you ask Apple's Siri to "turn on the faucet."

Statement Piece Sinks:

Kitchen sinks aren't just for washing dishes. In today's busy households, they are also for repotting plants, washing dogs, or even bathing babies. Sinks are no longer a utilitarian afterthought where form is sacrificed to function. In 2021, you will see a trend toward sinks that are larger than standard sinks and that are statement pieces in and of themselves, making them a focal point of the kitchen.

Large high-quality sinks in durable materials will usher in a new normal in 2021 kitchen design. Single-basin cast iron sinks will be replaced by 33" hand-hammered copper showpieces that simultaneously banish bacteria and bring beauty to your kitchen.

So, if a new kitchen is on your list of New Year's Resolutions, Fossil Blu is ready to help you find the perfect sink to modernize your kitchen and maximize its functionality. contact us