Time to take the Party Outside: Brunch Inspo!
May 13, 2022

Time to take the Party Outside: Brunch Inspo!

Ah, brunch. The most important meal of the day. From bottomless mimosas to endless conversation and laughs, there's a reason why this meal remains a cut above your average breakfast. If you spend your weekdays looking forward to the time you can gather again with your best brunchies, we've got your Sunday plans covered.

Temperatures are warming up, flowers are growing, and it's time to take the party outside. Cafes may have been your winter brunch go-to, but it's time to refresh and revisit our favorite weekend past time. Check out these outdoor brunch party ideas to make any gathering feel like a breath of fresh air. 

The Best Time for an Outdoor Brunch Party

11:00 AM is the sweet spot for a brunch party! Although Sundays are typically the traditional brunch gathering day, many brunch lovers have moved their favorite event of the week to Saturdays. When planning an outdoor brunch, weather is a prime consideration. Forecast your brunch schedule well ahead of time.

Of course, if the unexpected rain cloud strikes, be prepared with tents and canvas coverings to keep your party going despite the weather. If you're facing a slightly chilly spring or summer, a bonfire is a great addition to any outdoor brunch party.

Plan the Menu

Outdoor brunch ideas begin with a 5-star menu. Tailor your spread to the theme of the occasion. A picnic brunch or patio gathering calls for a light, fresh array to set the tone. Consider incorporating items that are local to your area. That means hitting up your neighborhood farmer's fruit, supporting the small businesses near you, and checking out markets you may not have previously explored. There's nothing better than seasonal fruits, farm fresh eggs, and unique spices and herbs from your own backyard.

When planning your brunch menu, consider any dietary restrictions your guests may have. If you aren't sure, go for a variety of options. The best part of brunch is creating an amazingly diverse spread after all! Start with drinks, a few light appetizers, and a main entrée. Check out this sample menu for a little brunch inspo get you started. 

Option 1: The Classic

Drink: Mimosas with fresh OJ.

Appetizers and sides: Fruit kabobs and cinnamon rolls.

Main: Fluffy eggs benedict with a side of toast and jam.

Option 2: The Twist

Drink: Breakfast sangria.

Appetizers and sides: Squash and parmesan mini quiches and sliced melon.

Main: Build your own crepe bar complete with fresh fruit, Nutella, whipped cream, and savory options.

Décor to Delight

Decorating is the best part of planning a brunch gathering! The beauty of an outdoor brunch is utilizing the space around you to create the perfect setting. Think blooming flowers, green lawns, and trees. In fact, hosting an outdoor brunch can be a great reason to prioritize your outdoor projects. Does your patio need a makeover? Or have you been meaning to get around the sprucing up the lawn and garden? There's no better reward for checking off your to-do lit than a delicious brunch.

Make the most of your outdoor space by considering small details. Hang banners from trees, roofs, and porch gates to set the tone of a swanky outdoor café. Highlight the amazing menu with fancy table décor including linens, plates, and wine glasses for those bottomless mimosas. Incorporate natural lighting throughout your party and implement added outdoor lighting to bring warmth and ambiance to your gathering. Remember that if you're planning an early morning brunch, you may be faced with clouds and subpar natural light. Bring an extra layer of brightness with fanciful faerie lights, outdoor post lights, and outdoor wall lights designed to create a sleek, modern aesthetic. Make note of where the lighting falls and position your table array accordingly. 

For added fun, set up a selfie station in one well-lit corner of your yard or patio for guests to flash their brightest smiles. 

Theme and Aesthetic

Deciding on whether or not to incorporate a large-scale theme or a small aesthetic to your outdoor brunch party is an important element in the planning process. Are you hosting a baby shower brunch or bridal brunch? If so, you may want to consider a more classic, subtle theme aesthetic that incorporates themed colors rather than a full-themed brunch. 

However, if a fun, silly day out with friends is more your style, coordinating your brunch to fit around a unique theme can be a great way to utilize your creativity. Consider a Bridgerton themed brunch or a high tea aesthetic, complete with costumes. If you're hosting a more laid-back family affair, try the opposite theme and go for a pajama party pancake brunch.

Alternatively, themed brunches centered around shows like Friends or eras such as the 90's are very trendy at the moment. Crafting a menu as an homage to your favorite characters is a fun way to make your gathering stand out. Other outdoor brunch theme ideas include a tropical garden party, a donut brunch and coffee bar with a downtown coffee shop aesthetic, or a Disney themed brunch for a family-friendly, whimsical mood. 

Whatever your perfect outdoor brunch party looks like, a little planning can help make your dream a reality.

Dress Code: Brunch Fabulous

Brunch is a great occasion to dress up on a weekend. If you're envisioning spring dresses and sun hats, be sure to include the dress code in your invitations. Outdoor brunch parties for special occasions may look a bit more put together with knee-length dresses, jackets, pantsuits, and snappy attire to fit the theme.

Of course, we all love a casual brunch the most! Encourage your guests to accessorize their best street styles with bold colors, fun prints, chunky jewelry and sandals or sneakers. Be sure to take weather into consideration so your guests are prepared to bring a light jacket, sun hat, and outdoor appropriate shoes.

Brunch is the most important meal of the weekend. When you start entertaining and you want to refresh your kitchen, indoor or outdoor, contact us at Fossil Blu and let us help you choose a new farmhouse sink as part of your remodel or new build.