Transform Your Space: Unexpected Places for New Sink Installation
February 25, 2022

Transform Your Space: Unexpected Places for New Sink Installation

In major home renovations, there's often one big change that completely transforms the space. For all the cosmetic changes, certain functional changes are really what makes the biggest difference. Adding shelves, removing a wall, or installing a fixture be the one big change, but we've noticed that dropping a sink in an unexpected place is often that update that really changes everything.

The difference between a wet and dry workstation can completely change how you are able to use the space. Think about the projects, the traffic flow, even the lifestyle changes in a space that suddenly has a sink where there wasn't one before. 

So where are the best places in your house to install a sink where it could have the most impact? Let's dive right in.


In the Laundry Room

If you've never had a laundry room with a sink (and the right amount of countertop), it's a dream come true. You can pre-soak, you can stain-treat, and you can emergency-triage dirty without having to tie up a kitchen or bathroom sink, as well as not having to carry wet clothes through the house dripping onto the floor. A deep farmhouse sink in your laundry room makes it possible to quickly offload clothes and towels covered in mud. It Is a great place to gently hand-wash your delicates while sturdier laundry tumbles in the machines nearby.

A deep sink in the laundry room also can quickly become a favorite place to bathe babies, wash small pets, and conduct water-related science experiments where it will be most easily cleaned up.


In the Backdoor Entry Space

The backdoor is where the messiest outside messes come indoors. Children, boots, and pets covered in mud come in through the back door from backyard adventures. If you have a back atrium, it can really improve your flow to just have a big sink right there, ready for washing up. Many people install a pocket bathroom by the backdoor for quick convenience and cleanup. But even just a deep farmhouse sink, and a small stretch of countertop, can transform the space from part of the problem to part of the solution.

Dirty hands can be washed. Dirty boots can be rinsed off directly. In fact, it's not uncommon to install a full-sized dog wash near your back door so that energetic and muddy pups can have a wash before they meet the carpet and furniture further indoors.


On the Upstairs Landing

Ever thought about putting a sink in your upstairs landing? With just a little bit of cabinetry, you can call the whole landing a kitchenette. Your teenagers and upstairs guests will adore the idea of getting a glass of water and a snack without coming all the way downstairs. A sink on the upper landing can turn a null space into a social space. Suddenly that space becomes an extra room instead of just a landing.

Who doesn't want an upstairs kitchenette? All you need is a little power and water to make it happen.


Dropped Into the Bar or Kitchen Island

Most people don't realize that a kitchen or open-plan living space can have more than one sink. A smaller sink dropped into the kitchen island is called a bar sink and doubles your family's ability to prep or enjoy the kitchen during food prep. A sink dropped into the bar in your living room or den is called a bar sink. A sink in your bar makes it easier to create delightful mixers and to clean up after happy hour with your adult friends.

Or, if you don't host cocktail parties, a sink in your bar can transform that space into the perfect place for your kids to do homework and conduct art projects. From watering plants to watercolors, a sink is a great addition to most bars.


Double-Sinks in the Master or Guest Bathrooms

What about double sinks? Many families have found that the double-sink bathroom design is the key to happiness. In the master suite, a double-sink makes it possible for two people to get ready for work or for bed in perfect harmony. In the guest or kids’ bathroom, two sinks make it possible for multiple people to share the bathroom prep space without 100% occupying the sink and counter space.

By redesigning your home bathroom or bathrooms for two sinks, you can make them more welcoming to be used by more than one person at once. Not to mention a chance to completely redesign your cabinets and countertops.


Out by the Garden or In the Sunroom

If you or someone in your house loves to garden, a garden sink is an essential part of that flow. After all, plants need water, and often hands need washing during the gardening process. Figure out where your gardener spends most of their time and consider placing a deep farmhouse sink in their space - a sink big enough to hold several small planters or fill their watering can casually every day.

If you have a gardening patio, an outdoor sink might be the perfect charming addition to your outdoor space.  Combine with a lovely gardening workbench and a tiled or paved space that can be washed clean. The garden may even take on new life with a source of clean water and comfortable access so nearby.


In the Garage Workshop

Of course, the garden isn't the only workspace that benefits from a sink. If your garage has a workshop, add a sink to the far corner. Give your household mechanic or carpenter the ability to quickly wash their hands, rinse out rags, mix materials with water, and work with wet/dry crafts while out there.

In the garage, a sink can completely transform the space from a hot space where the car lives to a pristine and welcoming workshop. Just a little cool water and the ability to quickly soak something can make a big difference when working with machinery or large projects. Your household tinker is sure to appreciate the upgrade.


In Your In-Law Suite

Does your home have an in-law suite? Upgrade the space with just one more sink. Like your upstairs landing, a sink combined with a little cabinetry and just one outlet becomes a kitchenette. Suddenly, a bed-bath suite can become a bed, bath, and sitting room suite by placing a couch and little table near the kitchenette corner. Just add in that sink!


Here at Fossil Blu, we've seen some amazing home transformations with the addition of a new sink. If you're thinking about planning a home renovation that makes a real difference in how you use and enjoy your home, consider where one extra tap could transform your space. Contact us today to explore our beautiful selection of farmhouse sinks for your kitchen, laundry, garden, or workshop home spaces.