Trending Home Design? Quartz Laundry Rooms!
September 08, 2022

Trending Home Design? Quartz Laundry Rooms!

The laundry room is often an ignored space that can feel like an after thought. Just like the rest of the house, the laundry room should be an uplifting and refreshing place to base your cleaning operations.

A big part of a beautifully designed laundry room is your choice in countertop. After all, laundry tasks almost always center around the work surface. Whether you're treating stains or folding freshly dry linens, your countertop plays a major role. It is also front and center each time you walk into your laundry room to get ready for another round of household care.

Quartz has been a laundry room favorite in home design for several years because of its smooth, cool surface, customizable color palette, and durability in the face of high-traffic tasks. Quartz is a beautiful artificial stone made of quartz chips and pigment held together with a special resin that almost perfectly mimics natural stone - but with a personal twist. 

Let's take a closer look at the benefits of a quartz laundry room design.  


Smooth and Cool Like Natural Stone

Laundry rooms often feature non-stone countertops due to the need for moisture resistance and high durability. Laminate countertops are easy to clean, but age quickly. Steel countertops are nonporous, but scratch and dent. Stone countertops are beautiful but require special care near the high activity and common cleaning chemicals in the laundry room.  A quartz laundry room offers the best of both worlds.

Quartz countertops are smooth and non-porous, resistant to chemicals and easy to clean. At the same time, it is smooth, cool, and solid in a way that is almost exactly like natural stone. You can enjoy the beauty and tactile luxury of a stone countertop without the maintenance of natural stone.


A Beautiful Look for Any Laundry Room

Many love quartz for it's versatile yet beautiful appearance. Many people prefer a pristine white quartz with a soft grain of gold, rose, or gentle gray to add a touch of elegance to the space. Quartz can be mixed to look more like traditional marble or granite, but the color itself is always a beautiful, rich blend achieved through the natural material of quartz in the slab.

Quartz countertops appear smooth and gleam when polished, just like cut natural stone, giving your laundry room a look of perfect cleanliness and uplifting efficiency each time you flip on the light.


Non-Porous and Stain-Resistant for Laundry Tasks

Quartz isn't just beautiful, it's also the single most durable countertop choice in stone design. Natural stone is porous and can tend to chip, scratch, stain, or even take water damage over time. Quartz, however, is non-porous and highly stain-resistant, making it the ideal countertop material for the laundry room where projects might be wet, dry, messy, or soaked in detergent as they pass over your countertops and into the laundry machines. The only thing to avoid is high heat (like hot pans or irons).

While one should always avoid permanent inks, quartz is resistant to staining from most spices, grass stains, mild cleaning chemicals, and washable art supplies. You can pre-treat stains, hand-wash delicates, and wipe up without worry about leaving marks on your countertop - even a pristine white countertop of creamy quartz.


Smooth Surface Easy to Clean

Quartz is also remarkably easy to clean. That perfectly non-porous surface isn't just safe from moisture and stains, it also makes everything easier to wipe up. Think of your quartz countertop like a whiteboard. The smooth, polished surface is so shiny that mess will just wipe or scrape away without damaging your countertop or leaving a stain.

No matter what laundry fiasco or clothing art project may wind up spilled over your quartz countertops, most messes are a quick and easy cleanup with a wet cloth and mild detergent. While you do want try avoid cleaners with bleach or ammonia, it is safe to use Windex and other multi-surface glass cleaners on quartz, unlike normal stone, which makes it especially easy to clean.


Personalized Color and Grain Reflects Your Style

When you buy a slab of natural stone, you search the galleries and warehouses for the perfect slab. The search is a little more personalized and assured when seeking the perfect quartz for your laundry room design. Quartz countertops are manmade, meaning you can choose the exact color and grain to suit your style. While many laundry rooms are white or an elegant white and gray, every homeowner's vision is unique. 

If your laundry room is a sunny yellow, a sage green, or a glowing strawberry, you can find the perfect shade in quartz countertops. If you want a gold grain to make your fixtures pop or a rich blue grain to bring out your accent colors, you can select these options out of the catalog. Quartz offers a unique flexibility in design, without needing to source natural stone from a quarry that mines green or blue or gold stone.


Blend with Any Laundry Sink Design

When designing yourself a dedicated laundry room with countertops, a laundry sink is one of the biggest perks. You get a keep, dedicated place to handwash delicates and pre-treat stains. The laundry sink is also a popular place to wash babies and pets who are are too small for a full-sized bathtub.

The color and style of a quartz laundry room design ensures that you can match your favorite sink, no matter the material or finish. A beautiful hammered copper laundry sink will look stunning with a quartz slab shot with gold flecks or amber swirling grains, while a dark fireclay farmhouse sink looks elegant in a pale, creamy quartz or a matching dark quartz with warm highlighting grains.


Long-Lasting and Damage-Resistant for a High-Traffic Family

Last but certainly not least, Quartz is built to last. While relatively new to the world in terms of stone, Quartz countertops can last decades, and quite probably centuries with proper care.

Quartz does not need to be sealed every couple of years to remain damage-resistant, unlike natural stone. It is also durable enough to withstand the high traffic of a busy household. Constant laundry, cleaning operations, and at-home chemistry projects should not diminish the beauty and surface quality of your quartz countertops, making them perfect for the laundry room.


Designing a Quartz Laundry Room

What defines a quartz laundry room? Naturally, you want to start with your favorite color palette and the perfect shade of stone for your quartz countertop. From there, you can match or mix it up with quartz backsplashes, a pass-through window, or possibly even a quartz-topped dog wash station-- if you have a little extra space.

Use the last pieces of your quartz to top the windowsill, create taller backsplashes, or hang floating quartz shelves gleaming above the countertop. With even a narrow strip, you can create a wrap-around sidebar for folding without the cabinets underneath.


Designing a beautiful quartz laundry room is trending for good reason. Many homeowners looking to make their home more beautiful and functional enjoy quartz for its low maintenance, versatile yet elegant appearance, and waterproof surface which makes it perfect for laundry tasks. For the perfect farmhouse sink to complete your laundry room design, you'll find beautiful copper and fireclay sinks and useful accessories at Fossil Blu. Contact us to find your ideal laundry room farmhouse sink with a comfy front apron for leaning while you clean.