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Luxury 33" x 20" compression-molded SOLID fireclay farmhouse kitchen sink. 50/50 Double bowl, modern design with 1/2" radius interior corners, straight sidewalls, fluted front apron, 7/8" material thickness, and glossy glaze. Elegant polished rose gold "linear" (pattern) sink grids, basket strainer-drains, and disposal flanges included

EXTERIOR: 32-3/4”W x 19-7/8”L x 9-7/8”H
INTERIOR: 30-3/4”W x 17-1/2”L x 8-3/4”D

Over the last five years, Fossil Blu’s 33-inch-class fireclay sinks have grown in popularity to become the top selling sink size in our line. Large, functional, and beautiful, this sink not only makes a statement, but serves to benefit busy households. It can easily fit an entire 8-piece set of tableware after dinner is done, making this the choice of designers and homeowners alike. It is designed to fit atop 33” and 36” sink base cabinets, which are standard for medium-to-large kitchens, saving you time and money during installation. See specification sheet (below) for spec data and dimensional line art. As a natural product, minor variances in dimensions may occur. QA tolerances are held at +/- 2%.

SINK MATERIAL: Fine & ultra-fine fireclay
Compression-molded, low-fired

Fossil Blu Fireclay Sink Manufacturing

Fossil Blu fireclay farmhouse sinks feature authentic SOLID fine and ultra-fine fireclay. Authentic fireclay is a semi-rare natural white clay containing higher concentrations of fine-grained quartz (silica) than typical ceramic (kaolin) clays. When the silica-based glaze is applied (learn more about our glaze below) and then fired at extremely high temperatures, the silica of both the quartz and glaze fuse together, creating a single structure. This “single structure” is what separates fireclay from typical/inexpensive ceramic products, which are fired at lower temperatures, exhibit little fusing, and are thin and/or hollow structures. This is also why genuine fireclay sinks, such as Fossil Blu, are more expensive than inauthentic “fireclay” sinks found in the marketplace.

We source our fireclay base material from mines following reduced-input/output (more sustainable) mining practices in Italy, France and Israel. Once at our factory (in Turkey), the clay is mixed with just water, then compression molded via a 50,000-pound hydraulic press. This high-pressure process not only forms the sink, but removes any trapped air, resulting in a solid structure that will not bubble during kilning. The sink is then low-fired (mild heat) for two days to dry before heading to the glazing room for finishing.

FINISH DETAILS: Ultra-thick, silica-based glaze
Appliance White
SHEEN: Glossy
APPLICATION: Robotically applied, high-fired

Fossil Blu White Fireclay Finish

This sink features Fossil Blu’s legendary silica-based glaze, which is robotically applied, allowing for up to twice the glaze thickness compared to hand-sprayed glazing techniques. Fired (kilned) at over 2200-degrees Fahrenheit, the glaze fuses with the fireclay substrate to create a permanent enamel. This high-gloss enamel has a very high hardness rating, which means it is non-porous and nearly indestructible. Standard household cleaners and mild abrasives (including bleach and Bar-Keeper’s Friend) are safe to use in moderation. Our white finish is similar to Appliance White (sometimes called Smoke White). RGB value averages are as follows: R: 235, G: 235, B: 237. The consistent RGB values of our finish means the white color has neither a warm nor cool tint. The high RGB values means the white is near perfect white (RGB each at 255).

32-3/4" x 9-7/8""
APRON WRAP: Full length, left & right sides
CORNER RADIUS: 1/2” left & right, 1/4” top & bottom

Fossil Blu White Fireclay Fluted Front Sink

Turn-of-the-century farm sinks nearly always included a design on the front apron. The most common of which was a vertically grooved (fluted) imprint. Today, as the “Modern Farmhouse” trend has taken storm, the majority of new farmhouse sinks sold feature a simple, flat-front, modern apron. However, for those seeking something more, Fossil Blu’s 1.5” beaded shaker style of this fluted-front sink offers a blend of antique styling with a contemporary appeal. The design is crisp, yet features soft edges and a supple appearance to the front, characteristic of the natural fireclay material underneath. At 1-1/8” thickness, the apron presents as a bold, sophisticated sink and, much like shaker cabinet fronts, is a good fit in a variety of classic stylistic themes. The left and right sides of the sink are fully finished, allowing for any install depth. We generally recommend 1-1/2” to 2” of the sink to be exposed on the left and right sides.

ACCESSORY MATERIAL: 304 Stainless Steel
ACCESSORY FINISH: Polished Rose Gold
Linear pattern, custom-fitted
DRAIN INCLUDED: 3.5” basket strainer drain and assembly
DISPOSAL FLANGE INCLUDED: 3.5” disposal flange and stopper

Included with this sink are three accessories: Two (2) modern DESIGN-PRO sink grids, one (1) basket strainer drain, and one (1) garbage-disposal flange. For material strength, these accessories are made from 304 stainless steel, and plated in Polished Rose Gold. This is a genuine electro-plated finish, wherein a nickel/copper alloy (the rose gold hue) is permanently bonded to the stainless steel via electrolysis. Our Polished Rose gold finish has chameleon-like qualities to it. Under warmer lighting (such as sunsets), you will notice the rosy hues, while under cooler lighting (such as daytime), the gold hues are more pronounced. Due to this color tint, its mirror-like polish tends to darken reflections, providing an added element of contrast against the sink-bottom. All Fossil Blu sink accessories carry a limited one-year warranty.

The vertical-lines format of our DESIGN-PRO grids was drawn-up with input from our Interior Design clients to be not only eye-catching, but purposeful. The narrow gaps of the grid architecture create a perfectly flat surface, preventing glassware tip-overs, yet water and debris freely flows through it, preventing unsightly deposits.

These accessories are provided for your peace of mind. The removable grids protect your sink bottom from metal-transfer marks and improve drainage. The basket strainer drain is provided for the side in which you will not be installing a garbage disposal, while the disposal flange is provided for the side in which you are installing a disposal.

Left: Center, Right: Center

If organization in the kitchen is a top priority, then a double bowl sink is your best choice. By dividing the sink in two, one side can hold dirty dishes while the other side remains clear. This can be especially useful while cooking, when you may need to fill a pot, or otherwise use the faucet. Additionally, for those wishing to conserve water, a soapy side and rinse side is made possible by our double bowl sinks. With straight walls, and tight ½” radius corners, these sinks make the most of their size, offering a best-in-class sink surface area.

Fossil Blu fireclay sinks feature a very durable silica-based glaze. Silica is one of the hardest substances on earth, and is the base element of quartz, crystal, glass and more. Given this hardness, your sink will never stain, can handle boiling water being poured into it, will never pit or craze (spiderweb-like cracks in the finish), and aside from major events involving heavy weight, will never crack, chip, or break.

Of course, the best thing you could do to maintain your sink would be to dry it after every use, but we recognize this is unrealistic for busy households. Good news is that whatever daily soap and/or cleaner you normally use is the same cleaner you can keep right on using in your Fossil Blu sink. And should you ever see hard-water mineral buildups or other such deposits, semi-abrasive chemical cleaners such as Comet or Bar Keepers Friend are also fine to use in moderation. Nylon scouring pads such as Scotch-Brite pads and sponges are great options and will not hurt the finish.

We do not recommend steel wool or other heavy abrasives as, while they won’t hurt the sink, over time they will dull the sheen. Do not use semi-abrasive chemical cleaners on metal finishes, including the drain, grid, faucet or any other metal hardware as these finishes are not as durable as our silica glaze.

EXTERIOR DIMENSIONS: 32-3/4" L x 19-7/8" W x 9-7/8" H>
INTERIOR DIMENSIONS: 30-3/4”W x 17-1/2”L x 8-3/4”D
BASIN SPLIT: Double Basin
MATERIAL: High-Silica Genuine Fireclay
FINISH: White, Robotically-Applied Glossy Silica Glaze
INSTALLATION TYPE: Undermount, Exposed Apron
APRON DESIGN: Fluted, Glossy
INTERIOR CORNERS: Modern 1/2" Radius
STYLE: Modern Farmhouse
WEIGHT: 99.2 lbs.
WARRANTY: Limited Lifetime



Fossil Blu is a family-owned, American company with operations and CUSTOMER SERVICE based in the U.S. Our products are designed here and manufactured by generational artisans in Israel, Turkey, India, Mexico and Poland. We intentionally do not (and will not) source our products to factories in a country known for cheap products. We’re proud of our reputation as a quality, customer-centric company which provides best-in-class products for the North American market. From our family to yours, thank you for considering Fossil Blu.



Our fireclay is sourced from quarries across France, Italy and Isreal...

Solid Construction

Solid Construction

Cheap and inferior "fireclay" sinks are usually just hollow-core ceramic products.  When you buy Fossil Blu, you're buying authenticity and long-term durability. Our SOLID dual-layer fine and ultra-fine base material makes for an incredibly resilient sink.

Silica-Based Glaze

Silica-Based Glaze

A sink is only as good as it's surface, and we take no shortcuts here. Our proprietary silica-based glaze is the best in the industry; It's easy to clean, very durable, and highly resistant to scuffs/scratches. All Fossil Blu fireclay sinks are offered in Glossy white. 33" single-bowl sinks (our most popular) are also available in Matte Black and Matte Gray.



Some sinks angle inwards towards the base. We've engineered our sinks with 90-degree corners (+/- 2%) and straight sidewalls for easier installation, clean separations (between sink and cabinets) and the perfect rectangular form.



Fossil Blu fireclay sinks are designed with tighter corners and straighter sidewalls for a definitively up-to-date appearance.   Combine this with luxurious accessories and a bold rectangular front apron, and your sink becomes the centerpiece of your remodeled kitchen.

Generous Sizing

Generous Sizing

By trimming down the wall thickness, increasing overall front-to-back width, and flattening out curves, Fossil Blu farmhouse sinks boast some of the largest interior work-space measurements in the industry.

Six Accessory Finishes

Six Accessory Finishes

Available in six finishes, only Fossil Blu allows you to match your sink hardware to the color plans of your kitchen. Choose from Antique Copper (pairs well with Oil Rubbed Bronze), Matte Black, Matte Gold (similar to Matte Brass or "Champagne Bronze"), Polished Nickel, Polished Rose Gold, or our classic Stainless Steel in a checkerboard pattern.