8 Fall-Themed Birthday Party Ideas for Kids
August 23, 2023

8 Fall-Themed Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

The summertime is exciting because the season is carefree—but the fun doesn't have to stop when fall gets here. Even though kids go back to school and life gets a little bit more hectic in the fall, you can still throw memorable birthday parties for kids with fall birthdays. Not only will the kids have a good time, but the parents will, too. Here are some ideas that you can use to take your fall party to the next level.

Make It a Costume Party

Of course, one of the most popular holidays in the fall is Halloween. Therefore, if you've got a kid with a fall birthday, capitalize off the holiday and make the birthday party a costume party – even if it is not in October! Everyone loves a chance to dress up. You can have a costume contest and give out prizes in different categories. If you're feeling extra creative, you can have a costume parade: the kids could decorate their bikes and scooters and they can use these as a float of sorts. This makes for great memories.

Have a Fall-Themed Ice Cream Sundae Buffet

Ice cream is a good way to captivate the attention of young children. Find all sorts of fall-themed ice cream toppings, like caramel, cut-up apples, orange and red sprinkles, chocolate chips and caramel chips, candy corn, and more. Put these out on your kitchen table or island buffet-style, and let the kids decorate their own ice cream. Once the kids start eating their ice cream, things will likely get a little messy, so make sure your fireclay sink is ready to get a lot of use!

Make Memories with a Photo Booth

Whether you decide to have a costume party or not, make sure you have a photo booth. This will allow your kids to take pictures with their friends, and as a parent, you'll have photographs that will serve as memories. Make a sign that commemorates the day (on it, write the birthday person's name and the age they're turning) and get some props for the kids. Between birthday hats, noise makers, and other fun photo booth props, the options are endless.

Bring the Games indoors

As we approach the fall season, it's going to get a little bit cooler outside. That means, for fall birthday parties, it might be better to bring the games inside. The perfect place to put games is in a finished basement, but any room in your home that can accommodate games will work just fine. Board games are exciting for kids, but with a little creativity (and moving your breakables) you can also play games like cornhole, mini golf, and more inside. Depending on your child's interests and age, pick the games accordingly.

Have a Fall-Focused Arts and Crafts Table

During the fall, we celebrate holidays like Thanksgiving. So, if you've got a child with an October or November birthday, use their birthday party as an opportunity to give back. Kids love arts and crafts, so set up an arts and crafts table that is designated for making Thanksgiving cards. You could donate these cards to a nursing home, a local hospital, or another place in the area. Be sure to put out plenty of stickers, markers, glitter, and other fun arts and crafts supplies. The kids will have fun making the cards, and at the end of the party, you'll be giving back to the community—what's better than that?

Cater to the Adults, Too

Fall-related food and drinks are delectable. Chocolate chip pumpkin bread, warm brie and nuts, butternut squash soup, warm drinks like cider, cooked duck or chicken breast served with potatoes. All of these foods scream fall—but usually, they don't scream kid-friendly. If you're hosting a kid's party, you're surely going to have plenty of foods kids love (chicken tenders, fries, pizza, cake, ice cream) and while the adults can enjoy this food too, make some fancier dishes for the adults to snack on. The parents at the party will thank you, and you'll be able to taste the flavors of the fall season. Plus, have plenty of functional seating in your kitchen so that the adults can talk while they eat.

Put on a Spooky Movie or a Football Game

Get in the fall spirit by putting on a big football game or playing a spooky, but age-appropriate, movie. Some kids love sports, so it's fitting to play a college or professional football game on the TV during the party. Maybe, you could even make the party themed according to your child's favorite team. But if your child isn't into sports, you could always play a Halloween movie. While the kids are watching the movie, it's the perfect time for you to start cleaning up a little bit—you can retreat to your copper kitchen sink and start washing dishes to get ahead.  

Roast Marshmallows and Hotdogs on the Fire Pit

Just because it's getting cooler outside doesn't mean you have to restrict the party to the indoors altogether. You could warm up in front of the fire pit. Make sure adults are supervising if you have a fire pit at your child's birthday party. If you have enough adults to supervise, let the kids roast marshmallows and hotdogs over the fire. Eating s’mores on a cool fall night is a great way to make memories and celebrate your child's big day. Take the s’mores to the next level by using Halloween candy instead of chocolate bars. This way, kids can pick their favorite sweet treat and make a yummy s’more with it.

Make Memories with Your Fossil Blu Products

Sometimes, you have to make messes to make memories at birthday parties. But when you have a Fossil Blu sink in your home, you can easily clean up, so that you can always enjoy being in the moment with your family. Even with back to school and other busy fall events, kids can have exciting birthday parties in the fall time. With these tips, you're on your way to hosting a great gathering for your friends and family. For more information about Fossil Blu, and the products we stock, contact us.