14 Fun and Inspiring Summer DIY Home Improvement Ideas
June 18, 2023

14 Fun and Inspiring Summer DIY Home Improvement Ideas

Home improvement projects are always hottest in the summer when the weather is nice and homeowners feel inspired to spruce up their home’s exterior and interior. There are so many different ways to increase your quality of life, boost your curb appeal, and modernize your house, one fun home improvement project at a time. You can work solo or as a family, you can invite friends over for a weekend of pizza and paint, or you can unlock your inner craftsman and really go all-out for home renovations.

At Fossil Blu, we love DIY projects and home improvement in the summer months. To help you make the most of your warm weekends and breezy summer nights, we've put together some of our favorite fun and inspiring DIY home improvement trends of 2023.

1) Repaint Your Favorite Rooms

When thinking about home maintenance, everyone knows that a fresh coat of paint can reinvent any space. Changing the color, even subtly, can bring in new energy and create a new sense of flow without heavy home remodeling. Experiment with accent colors, banish old scuffs, and create a dynamic look in your favorite spaces.

Repaint your kitchen cabinets for a mini-remodel, or use paint to make this year's kitchen upgrades really pop. Breathe new life into your living room, personalize your bedroom, or modernize an old bathroom with fresh new style. 

2) Plant a Summer Garden

There's no rule that says your landscaping has to stay the same as when you bought the house. If you want to change out your old flower beds, this could be the ideal time to plant yourself a garden. Envision a shady oasis of leafy bushes or create a planter paradise for growing veggies and herbs. A garden can makeover your backyard or reinvent your curb appeal with new shapes, colors, and vibrancy.

3) Hang Fresh Curtains

Hanging curtains is a great addition to your summer to-do list. This is your chance to replace those old miniblinds with real curtain rods and beautiful draperies. You can go for the multi-layered look with sheer curtains in the middle and gorgeous drapes on the outside or choose a lighter, cheerier look for summer curtains in your bedroom, living room, or kitchen.

4) Stencil Your Tiles or Patio

Stencils are one of the most popular summer home outdoor projects of 2023. With a simple stencil and the right paint, you can reinvent a plain patio outdoors or ceramic tiles indoors with zero installation. Give your space a beautiful pattern with flawless details. Choose your color, your style, and completely reinvent the space. You can modernize your home's interior or brighten your exterior with this easy DIY trick.

5) Clean and Upgrade Your Gutters and Powerwash

No list of summer home improvement projects would be complete without mentioning your gutters. While the weather is nice, it's a good idea to get up there and make sure to declutter your gutters and see that they are well-attached. You can also improve your gutters by installing a screen or guard over the top to reduce the risk of gutter clogs in the future.

You can also get a pressure washer for your home that is fairly simple to use. Use this tool to pressure wash the exterior walls, walkways, and driveway and really increase your home’s curb appeal by giving it a clean up.

6) Seal Air Leaks Around the House

If you want to improve your power bill this summer, grab the caulk gun and start hunting for air leaks. Every home has little cracks around the walls or loose windows that rattle, letting in the warm summer air (or the cold winter air later on), and reducing your air conditioner efficiency. A little caulk and a few rolls of foil insulation can go a long way toward better energy efficiency, and it's easy to do. If you can budget it in, adding new windows is a great way to combat warm weather.

7) Build Yourself a Fire Pit

Everyone loves a summer fire, and the most elegant way to enjoy them is with a fire pit. Anyone can dig a fire pit and line it with bricks for safe s'mores every year. You can also build a raised firepit or even create  paved area that is safe for a brazier-style firepit instead. This can be a great way to barbecue if you don’t have a standard barbecue. Choose your style and bring your dreams of summer evenings in the flickering firelight to life.

8) Experiment with LED Wall Sculptures

LED light sculptures are the latest in easy DIY home décor. These fit-together shapes create dynamic, flowing artwork that you an easily mount to your wall after coming up with the perfect design. Get a kit and experiment with beautiful diffused light displays that respond to color and brightness commands just like your smart home bulbs.

9) Install a New Shower Head

There's no DIY project more rewarding and luxurious than installing a new shower head. You won't notice what you've been missing with an old scale-clogged shower head until you've replaced it with an adjustable, massaging or rain shower head with perfect water pressure and droplet distribution. Anyone can change out a shower head and you'll thank yourself immediately for this quick and rewarding home improvement.

10) Repaint Your Front Door

Want to really change your curb appeal? Repaint your front door to match your home's inner personality. Do you want a verdant green, a cheerful blue, or a vibrant red? The choice is yours. Just make sure your front door is reasonably light in color, and always paint both sides of the door, even if you paint them different colors. This will prevent warping due to sunlight exposure.

11) Post New House Numbers

House numbers are more important than ever in the age of e-commerce and quick deliveries. A great easy summer home improvement project is to put up new, quite visible house numbers on your siding, front door, mailbox, or even as yard décor. Stylize your home while also making it easier for delivery drivers to find your house.

12) Hang String Lights On the Porch

String lights are a beautiful addition to your outdoor space that feel just as magical in the summer as they do in the winter. Instead of relying on a single porch bulb near the door, illuminate your entire front porch or back patio with a crisscross of string lights. Now is the perfect time to hang them permanently and set up your light control in a convenient place.

13) Restyle Your Handles and Pulls

Did you know that you can replace every door handle, cabinet handle, and drawer pull and knobs in the house? Diyers can subtly modernize a home just by upgrading the little bits of hardware in every room. Choose a new style and finish, then grab your screwdriver and spend a little time swapping out your handles for a big visual return on investment.

14) Upgrade Your Closet Doors

Lastly, for a fun remodeling project, consider what can be done with your closet doors. Stencils, mirrors, and hanging artwork can transform these unassuming doors into a beautiful addition to any bedroom or hallway.

Put Your Farmhouse Sink to Work with Summer DIY

Summer home improvements often center around your kitchen sink. A deep farmhouse sink is the perfect place to wash your brushes and stencils, collect your cleaning supplies, and wash your hands throughout any involved DIY project. At Fossil Blue, we would love to help you set up the perfect home-base for easy and trending DIY home improvement projects this year. Contact us today for more ideas to increase your home value and to explore beautiful farmhouse sinks for your next kitchen, bathroom, bar, or outdoor remodel.